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Beast Checks out Both GeForce Now and Shadow PC

Beast Gamer Kuma

Editor-in-Chief at Kumazoku Ent
I am a Beast trying to get his game on. Living by the ways of the Konami Code for many years until I decided to share my knowledge and opinions of the gaming world for you mortals. I hope you enjoy the content that we provide here! - Beast Out -
Beast Gamer Kuma

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Greetings gamers and for those that had a long 4th of July weekend, welcome back. I took some time to recollect myself and have some fun during my time off. Decided to dive back into Shadow PC while still using GeForce Now. So, why not do a compare and contrast between the two cloud gaming services. Been on GeForce Now for a while now and Shadow PC has been hitting with with massive ads, so why not check it out.