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Tales of Hearts R Review


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Having been a fan of JRPGs since my teens, I somehow only discovered the Tales series about three years ago. I am glad that I did. The series has continued to produce solid games that have kept me entertained of a long time, usually hitting the 100 hours played mark. The downside of being a fan of a Japanese game franchise is that you often see new entries being released in Japan that never make it to Western shores. The original Tales of Hearts was one of those games, being released in Japan in 2008 exclusively for the Nintendo DS. Since then, Namco Bandai have started project Re-imagination (hence the R in the title) where older DS titles are completely remade for the Playstation Vita. Tales of Hearts R is the second game to be remade, but the first to be localized for North America and Europe. We had to wait over one year since its March 2013 release in Japan. So has the wait been worth it?