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Future: Goldfish’s Top 15 for 2015


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Now that we’re 2 weeks into the new year, everyone has said their “I do’s” and set resolutions to their new products, projects and entertainment for this 2015 and I, Goldfish, will be doing a walkthrough of some of my top 15 anticipations for the year so far… Let’s begin shall we?

Tokyo Ghoul √A Episode 1 First Impression

Beast Gamer Kuma

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I am a Beast trying to get his game on. Living by the ways of the Konami Code for many years until I decided to share my knowledge and opinions of the gaming world for you mortals. I hope you enjoy the content that we provide here! - Beast Out -
Beast Gamer Kuma

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When one loses their humanity it is hard to return to the life you once lived. Kaneki was trying his hardest to be both a ghoul as well as a human, but he was caught in a war long before he became a half breed. In that you’re torn between the two worlds and at times forced to make a decision. In Kaneki’s case, it was a tortured method to bring out the full monster within, but will either side regret making that happen? Welcome back to season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul and this is our first impression.