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Marvel’s Spider-Man Review


My name is Ceeja but, I also go by ShadowJin. I compete in fighting games all over the country. When I'm not doing that I'm either at work, writing a juicy article to share with you or chilling with my girlfriend the family. Side note I'm a huge marvel fan, and I also collect Pop figures.
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Ladies and gents it’s Shadowjin here and welcome back to another review here on Kumazoku! Today we’re swinging into the brand-new Spider-Man game and let me tell you, this game is ridiculously amazing! They did not let us down not one bit at all! As a big Marvel fan is super happy that this game exists right now. Everything from the story, to the combat mechanics, to the missions, to the swinging mechanics, to the…… We’re just going to talk about all of it! There’s just so much to love about this game that there was I barely anything things that I didn’t like. First thing I want to talk about is the story. Of course, without spoiling for those who haven’t gotten through this spectacular story that Insomniac Games put together.

Braving Marvel – She-Hulk


Iselynne is a viking and passionate gamer who finds it really awkward to write about them-self in third person. They are currently fighting a severe addiction to chocolate milk and their favourite Pokémon is Bulbasaur.

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After taking the plunge into the Marvel Universe last month with a massive crossover event, I decided to make my next step a bit less ambitious. While the story in Civil War is great, there were so many characters that I had never seen before. The war affects just about every Marvel character and it is a bit hard to wrap your head around who they all are, especially since many of them show up in illustrations but are never mentioned by name. I decided to focus on a solo story, hoping that it would ease me into things better.

Season 2 Podcast of Monte and Q: Daredevil Review

Beast Gamer Kuma

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Beast Gamer Kuma

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Monte and Q are back once again with Season two of our podcast. We have been gone for a long while, but we are finally back. We started the podcast with Daredevil, so since the Netflix series came out last week Friday; it was only right to begin the new season with Daredevil Netflix series. Enjoy the Podcast and please subscribe to Monte’s Mayhem Podomatic.

Arrow : Left Behind Season 3 ep. 10 Review


Husband, father, entrepreneur, creative writer, and passionate about inspiring new writers.

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Now you see him/Now you don’t

So we return to Starling City with crime still out of control! 2 baddies working for the new Kingpin of the town- Brick, are being chased by the Dynamic Duo- Diggle and Arsenal. One is caught, the other gets away with Felicity working the computers to get a handle of all of this. Whoa, wait a minute- Where’s Oliver?