Tekken 7: Fated Retribution Akuma Reveal

You know out of all the people they’d pick out of the Street Fighter series I would expect Akuma to be the perfect fit here. Akuma as many of you already know possesses the Dark Hado which grants him demon abilities of his martial arts style. So far he is known to be undefeated depending on which timeline or SF universe you have read, however Tekken is all about the demons and he fits just right. Unlike many other SF fans I enjoyed the 3D transition in Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha and always wanted them to step back into that world. It made the game more enjoyable to me now that I can side step and have the play of the field. In that lets take a look at Akuma stepping into the Tekken universe.

We didn’t get Tekken X Street Fighter, but if he works well in Tekken 7, I hope they reconsider and bring us that game or hell a Street Fighter game with this style. In that stay glued to Kumazoku Entertainment as we shall keep you updated. Stay frosty gamers!

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