Tekken Bishoujo Christie Monteiro Pre-order Statue

To all you collectors this holiday season, are you ready? I didn’t have much of a gift guide for you all, but I am getting details of other things that might interest you. I know a few Tekken fans out there and yes this figure will catch your eye. Christie Monteiro the capoeira queen herself becomes a collectible statue for your gaming decor. Let’s go into some details for your pre-order. 

Tekken Christie Monteiro Figure is Live!

I remember when she first graced the fields of the King of Iron Fist Tournament where we thought Eddy was the only one. Then we get this lovely lady giving Eddy Gordo a run for his money. The capoeira style is an afro-brazilian martial art that combines music and dance into a combat form. Everything begins with a Jinga that leads into a frenzy of kicks, flips and stuns if done properly. These masters that perform the dance get so close that if one gets hit it is their own fault, at least thats what I was told. 


  • 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Figure
  • Material: PVC, ABS
  • Height: approx. 240mm
  • Illustrator: Yamashita Shunya
  • Sculptor: Busujima Takamaki
  • Limited availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos.

Pre-orders are open now on Play-Asia.com where the figure will be released on May 31, 2019. Christie Monteiro is a nice addition to any collectors room especially you Fight fans and it can be yours your $75.99. Please make purchases through Play-Asia as it helps us out in the long run. I hope you enjoyed this post and see you next time. – Beast Out – 

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