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This is your time to share your story with Sega as a huge request for gamers to record their first Genesis. This is an amazing opportunity as we are in the 30th Anniversary of the Sega Genesis and we are coming to the release date of the Sega Genesis Mini. That appreciation has been shown for months especially the long list of games coming out for it. 

Celebrating the Sega Genesis with All!

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the SEGA Genesis and this fall’s release of the Genesis Mini, we invite you to send us a video clip sharing your personal story with the legendary console. The process is easy, as you can record and submit straight from your phone! Revisit that long summer vacation playing Phantasy Star IV, perform a cover of your favorite in-game song, share your amazing cosplay, do your best “SEGA!!” scream with your friends – we want you to show off your creativity and love for the Genesis!

So, here are the details. You have until August 13th to send in your clips which should be no longer than 1 minute. If that is not enough Sega has happily gave us full details.

  • Camera Setup: Talk directly to the camera, just like you’re doing a video chat.
  • Video length: Please keep your video submissions no longer than 1 minute in length.
  • Using your phone: Please hold your phone on its side and record your video horizontally (landscape mode).
  • Lighting: Ideally record during the day, with indirect lighting – avoid drastic face shadows.
  • Sound: Please record in a quiet location and avoid background noise.
  • Clothing: Please avoid logos or complex patterns on your clothing.

All submission will be submitting just be you and your gaming self. It doesn’t have to Hollywood status, just have fun with it. I am looking forward to this project especailly since I do this on the regular with Born with the Controller. Sega Fans all let’s make it a good memory! – Beast Out – 

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