Test Drive: Fable Legends Beta

During E3 2015, gaming studio Lionhead announced a free-to-play game called Fable Legends for both XboxOne and PC with a launched around October. Luckily the developers are giving us gamers a bit of a taste of the beta over the weekend. So let’s dive in and see what this beta is all about shall we.

To start off, you go solo in a tutorial session. You know the typical tutorials that want you to know the basic scenario of a typical rpg slasher game: camera movement, button for targeting, button to shoot, and so forth. Once you start getting settled on the control scheme, they send you off to a town that works as a matchmaking lobby. This is a smart and fun feature for you to go around setting up your character stats and inventory while searching for some fellow online users to join.

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Surprisingly for a beta, you have a decent amount of fighters to choose from, at least around a half a dozen different characters. You can even play as the villain as well (which I will get to that part later on). I didn’t have much time to tryout all the players, so I had only played with two characters. I started of with a defensive type character that has ice powers that can slow down and stop enemies from attacking, and then waiting for your fellow teammates to come in and take him out quickly. So it made me realize that they implemented defensive and offensive characters into the game. The developers really want to bring teamwork into play for this game.

Second character I tested is on the Offensive side which is a female sword wielder type of fighter. I’ve noticed that every player has a unique style of fighting. Normal fighting games in the past, it takes about 1 or two frames to instantly attack someone, but for this game, the character actually have to move not just its arm but also his/her body along with it. As if you can feel the weight of the weapon into play. So you kind of have to time and zone in towards your enemy at a good time, which in my opinion is a good thing.
Now even though I didn’t get a chance to play the other characters to know what unique skills they have, I notice my fellow online teammates have some surprising moves to show off. There will be fighters that are fast attackers, fighters that are slow, and fighters that shoot from a distance. So they will be plenty to choose from.


Now there will be one type of player that’s different from all the others is of course the villain of the game. Playing the villain will send you into a tower defense type of gameplay. You will have an over top view of the battlefield setting traps and placing your evil minions around trying to stop the heroes. Even though I never got a chance to play as the villain, I am very curious how tough can the villain be? When I was playing as a hero going out battling, I didn’t have a hard time fighting against the minions. Me and my crew actually fought thru all the battles at ease without breaking a sweat. I still had fun, but I would like to have a good challenge every now and then. Can the villain send out tougher enemies? That was one of questions I kept asking myself and refraining from ever wanting to play as the villain. I’m sure there will be different kinds of leveling system to upgrade your villain to send out tougher enemies the more you play once the full game is release or nobody won’t bother playing it.

Either way, I still had some fun times going around fighting side by side with my online comrades. The graphics actually look beautiful and colorful for a beta. There are certain spots that is a bit shiny, but nothing to fret over really. The environments look lively. Character designs looks very sharp and detailed. They don’t look dark and gritty, but you can tell each character design has their own unique persona that matches them perfectly. As for server connection, the first play thru I did had a bit of a lag for a couple of minutes. But the second play thru; it ran smooth with no hiccups, no lag, and no frame-skipping.
Overall, it’s a decent good casual game to play. It’s not much of an epic core for elite gamers, but it’s a game type for casual couch sitters that want to just chill back and have a good time with your co-op friends. I would definitely come back to play Fable Legends again once it comes out this fall!



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