That Slipknot Concert on Jones Beach


Not going to bullsh*t you all that I know everything about music. I honestly go with the flow that my ears enjoy to listen to. However last night going to that Slipknot concert really melted my face and that was the first time I went to a well-known concert. The venue was great, the weather awesome, the food was on point and when the bands started from Motionless into White, Bullets for my Valentine, Lamb of God, and the big show stopper Slipknot. This adventure was all brought by my video game buddy Taeya with her comrade in metal arms Lavonn who doesn’t like Motionless and wants to be clear on that. Enjoy video below of our journey to the event.

The mosh pits, the bands and the scenery were all amazing and as for my first concert event I had a blast. The whole concert was five hours which didn’t feel that way at all and that’s how you know it was amazing. It started off with Motionless Into White performing three songs I believe, but things really heated up with Bullet for my Valentine who killed it on stage. I love the energy they set up for it all. Lamb of God was off the hook with some nice HD visuals going off in the background the lead singer was all over the place really juicing up the scene. However you have to give up to Slipknot for really knowing how to push you to that point of insanity. It was a musical freak show of extraordinary adrenaline rushed music. I loved every moment of it.



I didn’t get home until 4am, but it was still worth it. Ended up getting Sonic’s for the first time too, so all and all it was a win! I am looking forward to more adventures and please be sure to check out our youtube channel as well as see more ¬†of the concert on our Facebook page. Side note…Sorry Lavonn Motionless into White were not that bad! Stay frosty!

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