The Brass Band That Makes you Miss Your Train: To Many Zooz Performance

What is going on good people and welcome. Yesterday I, Kuma went on a geek adventure picking up some comic books, seeing a movie and it was pretty brutal outside with the snow storm. I don’t care I needed to get more motivation and the best place to do that is outside hitting up my favorite shops, but all good things must come to an end or do they? I head down Union Square to catch my train, but as I am walking through the underpass, I start hearing this funky beat. Now what really caught my attention was the fact that it sounded as if it belonged on the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack and if you have no idea what that is then hit YouTube and find out. In that the train station lit up from the gloom of the storm to a Pinked haired man on Saxophone and Gentleman with a marching drum giving us something to hop to. But why ruin it for you in text, check out the video below.


Brass house music always has this cool attitude towards it that can put you in many different moods. In that this is just a preview and if you got caught up by that performance you should hear more of their music on the links below and follow their Facebook page.

Sound cloud:

I am going to keep an ear out for these fellows, because they have been out for a while and inspiration has a funny way of showing you something new. I hope you enjoyed this music preview and be sure to check them out for yourselves. Stay frosty!


Side note…This is my favorite track!

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