The Crew 2 After Beta Thoughts

Back in 2014 tested out the first Crew racing game from Ivory Tower and Ubisoft with my homie Seph_Dean and had a blast being that it was like the Fast and Furious with cop chases across the United States and an interesting gauntlet of races. Now Ivory Tower seems to want to take on a different approach from the criminal world to the viral publicity world in the Crew 2.

Games like Drive Club, Grid and Forza Horizon did something totally different when it came to arcade simulation racing where you the driver are now in the public eye to gain their trust and popularity. It is not a bad idea, but it did bug me a bit on the familiarity. I like the excitement of each different announcer having different personalities for each vehicle genre. However, does this feel like a sequel or a reboot? For example, you have Forza Motorsports and Forza Horizon series, you would not consider them sequels to each other only sharing the first name.  That is just one thought I had.

You have land, sea, and air. The land will have 3 different types of vehicles being off-road, street and motorcycle while the sea and air will stick to those vehicles respectively. I felt overwhelmed with the idea of so many vehicles and missions to do all across the United States. So far in the beta, my favorite vehicles have been off-road and speedboat¬†which you will have the option to transition during races easily as promised, but I didn’t test that out in the closed beta.

The speedboat races were the most fun, especially when I was shocked to see a huge jump off the damn which gave me that level of excitement when racing. Switching through the views and getting a nice cockpit view of the dashboard, speedometer and of course, your hands on the steering shows that a VR option would nice. Check the video below.

Other than the new vehicles and the race upgrades that you obtain after gaining a victory, I feel that the land vehicles are a bit too heavy at times and many of the off-road vehicles even with traction upgrades still feel as if I didn’t do anything and slide like butter. I don’t feel much grip at all at times. The Vehicle selections are vast and customization is pretty simple vs. the first game that promised vehicles transformed but that was a lie. I don’t see customizing for the boats or plains vs. the cars, but I will miss being able to stick to one car and having it transform for street, race, drift, and dirt.

Honestly, it would have been unique and interesting to be able to turn your car into a sea vehicle or your motorcycle into a water vehicle. I know that is not realistic, but as a gamer, I love it when developers take something normal and make it abnormal. That is just a personal thought, but the locals are fun to race in and you can free roam as you want and if you hit the touchpad a few times you can zoom all the way out to fast travel to different mission areas. But I do recommend racers to drive around an utilize the photo mode when you can gain points from where the developers have missions for you to go all peter parker in your vehicle. It is a nice feature to share your best tourist photos to share with the gaming community.

All and all it is a decent game, but I want to see how the motorcycles play out and if they were improved from the first game. In that be ready because there will be an open beta to all coming soon, but you can pre-order The Crew 2 which will be released June 26th, 2018 which will have a regular version, Deluxe and $119.99 Gold Edition. – Beast Out

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