The Division 2 Episode 1 with Details

Greetings agents and welcome back to another Division 2 update. It has been a while since we liberated parts of Washington D.C. and it was crazy. Right now after months of dealing with the grueling missions and grinding it is time for Epsiode 1’s expansion to be unleashed. If you are year one pass holder like myself you will get Early access, but before we dive into this intel, let’s take a look at the launch trailer. 

Episode 1 Pass Intel

Episode 1 Early Access is here for all Year 1 Pass owners. As a reminder, the Year 1 Pass grants 7-day early access to the following narrative activities starting today:

  • “Manning National Zoo” Main Story mission
  • “Camp White Oak” Main Story mission
  • The first Investigation Area of the new PvE experience, Expeditions

Two new Classified Assignments—Central Aquarium and NSA Site B13—are also available today exclusively for Year 1 Pass holders.

Non-pass holders will get access to the 2 new main missions and to Expeditions, for free, on Tuesday, July 30th.

Thats right pass holders I have un-redacted the intelligence for your eyes only. You are the Elite that went above and beyond through all tiers in order to gain this privilege, but this is just the starts. 


Title Update 5 features a major rework to Skills to align them with builds prioritizing weapon damage. We hope these changes create more build opportunities for skill users. Here are a few highlights:

  • Skill Cooldown Reduction has been replaced with Skill Haste and scales with Skill Power.
  • The Skill Cooldown Minimum Hard Cap of 10 seconds has been lowered to three seconds for all skills, except the Chem Launcher which will be at eight seconds.

As always, please keep the conversations going regarding skills as we continuously work to bring the game into balance. For a more detailed breakdown of all skill changes in this update, check out the patch notes.

This is good information as we should have a slight advantage and some tweaking to our perks. Now my only main problem is that with higher tier drops it should not affect my skill power that much which is always weird to me. It is going to be an on going problem when it comes to armor drops as for the guns they drop just fine even with slight recalibrations here and there. 

Dark Hours will Challenge You!

Episode 1 introduces the Discovery difficulty of the Operation Dark Hours raid. Discovery has a lower difficulty compared to the regular raid, and comes with open matchmaking, but communication and coordination are still required to complete the activity. It’s designed as an introduction to the raid and provides more accessible means to practice the mechanics. Head to the helicopter pilot at the Base of Operation to get started.

Discovery difficulty rewards gear 500 items, but the Eagle Bearer exotic and the raid gear-sets that drop from the regular Dark Hours raid are not part of the loot pool.

Okay, I see you ubisoft you are doing something right here. Honestly I didn’t have a problem with your choice to make the raid clan based only, because it is annoying to team up with random players at times. There is a slim chance you could get a good group but it is quite slim. At least we get to practice a watered down version of the main raid to get an idea of what is going on. This too is a good way to practice with your fellow clanmates or new recruits. 

Craft it, Recalibrate, Make it Better! 

Players can now upgrade their crafting benches in World Tier 5, granting the ability to craft gear score 500 items. Crafted items can now be recalibrated as well, creating a more linear progression path to end game gearing.

In addition, all blueprints now share the same loot pool. This means that players can grind high alert level Control Points for those last remaining blueprints. Lastly, we have introduced a new, optional perk allowing blueprints to be shared across multiple characters on the same account.

Well, this pleases me right in the patriotic heart. Whoa and the blue print feature is a lovely touch. I know many companies frown upon sharing because of so many bad apples trying to profit off of it, but should be open to clan members and friends.  It is difficult I know, but just thanks for this. 

New Weapons and Exotics, Oh My! 

The Carbine-7 assault rifle and Stoner light machine gun are two new additions live with Title Update 5. There are also two new exotics to track down and add to your collection—the BTSU Datagloves and Diamondback rifle!

Exotics now drop from Heroic bosses, as long as players have already acquired them. For Exotics that were obtained through crafting, players must have the blueprint before they can begin to drop from these bosses. Finally, Exotics are being buffed to drop at the highest range gear score. This rule applies retroactively to all Exotics already owned.

Halelujah Peanut Butter that is some deep and statisfying news we got there. In that, it would be a good time to get on The Division 2 which is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We are in the age of gaming where video games seem to get better with age. I recently came back to the game and I have to say it feels a lot better with a lot of the recent updates. I hope you enjoyed this intel and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below. – Beast Out – 

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