The Division 2 Private Beta Felt Liberating

All right Agents, Beast, and his colleagues had an incredible weekend heading to Washington DC from NY. It is weird that now we do not have the advantage anymore, but the disadvantage is welcoming. The private beta only ran for 3 days and we played enough to see if it was worth it. 

Division Agents from NY Become Tourist in D.C. 

It has now been 8 months since the outbreak happened in NYC, the Black Friday mess that has happened seems to be done. However, there is a new threat as usual with the state in chaos which some don’t want things to go back to normal. It is up to us to fight these growing threats and help liberate our capital. I better get a good tax refund in the future after this fight I tell you. 

The Division 2 with slight Improvements

The only problem many of us had with the first game was it took too long to improve, but sadly that is the norm in today’s games. The Division 2 brings a new atmosphere in unfamiliar territory for some of us which now I understand how others felt when native New Yorkers ran the streets. I like the change being a tourist is a bit adventurous and I hate the snow. Since it is now the spring season I only assume or summer maybe Autumn. Not important the environment is livelier seeing Deer, foxes and other wildlife roaming the streets. Not just dogs any more people. 

Speaking of the environment there is a new tactical advantage and disadvantage. The weather is a nice change not only will it rain, but there will be fog conditions as well. I believe this goes with the heavy snow that we had to deal with in the first game. There is nothing crazier than walking in tall grass in the fog and you see something running through. Is it an animal or an enemy? Have to tread lightly. 

Did a nice job with environmental effects as you go through the areas. For example, there was a large puddle during battle and I tossed a grenade which caused a water explosion that made me go “ooooh that’s nice.” It is the little things that make me appreciate the game. 

Moving on from the atmosphere to the NPC’s. They are tougher this time around where the heavy arms have better armor. There seem to be enhancements involved with some enemies where those that inject themselves with something green for an added Kamikaze boost. We are not the only ones with division tech either. Now we have to deal with NPC’s sending out RC cars with explosives attached. In Division 1 there were some that had turrets as we did, but this is worse than that. 

A robotic Tank for example that is which was freaky. Then we head into the DZ that is slightly improved and gives us a deeper immersive feel. The NPC’s are your allies now instead of just asking for scraps. This is a huge improvement to the previous title. Going into a raid you can use a signal flare to call for help, but do not rely on them too much. They will need your help and are great distractions against the enemy. They are hardcore too roaming the streets already armed.

I can dig it and I did a video that expresses those feelings which you can see below. 

The Endgame feeling!

When you reach the final parts of the beta you will unlock an additional feature called “The End Game”. The developers wanted you to experience what it is like to have a fully realized Agent with all classes unlocked and special equipment. I will have a video showcasing that soon enough. I picked the demolitionist who had a Grenade Launcher. 

I wish I saved it for later when we reached the boss and at Level 32 with our Agents, it was on hardcore mode. We now had to face tactical units with better equipment that matched us, agents. It would have been cool if they gave us the melee takedowns that I saw in the first game from the Hunters. I mean we played Splinter Cell, so why not implement stealth takedowns? 

The one thing I can’t stress enough to people is that this is a beta and you will have some problems. We address those problems with the developers and hope that they listen. If you are just going to complain without voicing the issues it will not resolve anything. One is that we had trouble with matchmaking from time to time. I get it that maybe the devs wanted us to have a random experience with other players. We got around the issue since one of us was able to be joined upon. 

On a comedic level, you need more diversity when it comes to creating characters. I would not mind making a big dude that resembles myself since you have big guys in armor I know it is possible. 

All right Agents that is all I have for now and hopefully there will be an Open beta in the future for all to try out. For now, I hope you enjoyed the details I have put in. Be ready on March 15th, 2019 when The Division 2 is released. Please pre-order here if you wish and I shall see you to liberate Washington D.C. – Beast Out – 


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