The Division 2 Year 1 Update

Good afternoon Agents and welcome back to this new intel coming from HQ. The year 1 update for The Division 2 gives us new information on the first ever Invasion: Battle for D.C. raid and so much more. The video below is for your eyes only. 

The Division 2 is getting Agents Ready!

The Invasion: Battle for D.C. brings you the first major content update, including Tidal Basin, the first 8-man Raid, and more., with 3 Episodes following. Episodes are free major content updates with additional narratives and missions, new PvP and PvE modes as well as three entirely new specializations.

As of right now my current Agent level is 421 and I am only in World Tier 1 so I have to make up for a lot of time. I did join some buddies in Tier 4 area to upgrade my character as best as possible in order to get through the other tiers a bit smoother. Dealing with the new threat of the Black Tusk group that started retaking what we liberated brought in a new feeling of excitement. 

The first thing to look forward to starting on April 5th, 2019 is the Tidal Basin update. This new update will give agents a new stronghold that will be heavily defended and difficult to tackle. So take precaution as you go through and watch out for the automated weaponry. This will take a team effort, so set the right gear, especially for both offense and support. 

There will be a few rewards with this update including two new exotic weapons. One being an LMG called Pestilence and a Sniper Rifle called Nemesis. In addition, you have 3 new gear sets of Hard Wire, Ongoing Directive and True Patriot. If you all about your look then get ready for the first Apparel event to keep you in style. 

Next up is the new PVP map of Fort McNir. It is all looking good from what we have seen in the video above and as I go through it a few times. I am getting ready and so should you because the big raid on April 25th will take all eight players to tackle and you want to have all the right gear and weaponry in your class ready for it. 

Get Ready, Agents. This is Just the Beginning!

You read that right, so what say you soldier. Time to knuckle up and get out their for the big show is coming at the end of this month. I am personally looking forward to that 4th specialization with that mini-gun. If you want to squad up be sure to check out my streams on my twitch channel by clicking here. We can liberate Washington together. You can pick up your copy of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 by clicking here on the main Ubisoft website. – Beast Out – 

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