The Division Beta After Thought

First off it is a Beta that actually works. A beta that feels finalized and no hiccups was a beautiful thing. This is just part one of my video adventure with a few of my friends going through NYC liberating, controlling and dominating certain areas.

There is a lot that I did not touch base on, but that is the power of writing. For some of you that don’t Tom Clancy’s The Division plays like a tactical RPG. As you play you will upgrade your experience which is a great idea for a game of this magnitude. New York City is the area we are stuck in dealing with a virus that started on Black Friday. In that Black Friday literally got people sick. Most of us playing were a bit curious and first thought was maybe a zombie outbreak, but thankfully that is not the case.


I like the idea of just dealing with a new strain that has left Manhattan as a new graveyard. In the beta we are just stuck being in Manhattan and further information states we will be hitting all boroughs.


I started off the game teaming up with BLaZeD_MaNiAc as she was showing me the ropes going through Chelsea and all parts up 8th Ave. In the video above we demonstration how working as a team is crucial in obtaining victory, but what was not shown is how coms work in game instead of using the Party Chat. It works with voice proximity. The closer you are to people in the area the more clear they sound. However I rather use the party chat feature just in case we get separated during combat.


Keep in mind that the customization is limited to just randomization which is no big. The menus suggest that you will spend a good amount of time making yourself into the game. Also walking around the city felt a bit authentic not 100% accurate, but enough to satisfy enjoying the scenery.

This game was a huge teaser and being that we got a minimum amount of things. You can imagine what you will be able to accomplish once the game is full and open. Going into Brownstones, exploring alleys and of course checking out the sewers as well as subways brought so many possibilities.


Where am I at with buying this game? I am sold, pre-order is already in and it shall stay there. I am debating about switching to PC, because the mods that might happen for it would be tempting. As of right now I will stick with my PS4 pre-order and I am also wondering what kind of Easter Eggs will we expect in March when the game release. See I keep thinking about all the potential and now I am on that hype train.


I hope you enjoyed this preview and be sure to check back for more fun gameplay in part two where we visit the PVP area of the map. Hit up our youtube channel to stay up to date. Stay frosty gamers!

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