The Division Update 1.7

Oh boy, it is funny how the division keeps growing as I keep playing. It at times takes some games to get better with age and now we have a new update that will bring global events and new loot starting today actually.

Division Agents should prepare for new, unexpected threats to arrive in plague-stricken Manhattan soon with the release of Update 1.7 on August 15. New global events will introduce modifiers that will affect all PvE areas (including DLC) by shaking things up, providing a stiffer challenge, and offering powerful rewards. Each Global Event will be themed, and the first one, Outbreak, will be tied to the pandemic that brought the city to its knees. Additionally, new Activity modifiers can be activated on specific missions and Incursions, stacking on top of the Global Event modifier and providing a new difficulty layer to test your tactics and teamwork.

I am liking the new add-ons to re-customize your Agent and the extra addition of trophies that you can wear. Here is a full list of what are things to expect in today’s update!

New feature: Global Events

  • Global Events are time-limited events that add special modifiers to the PvE parts of The Division.
  • Taking part in a Global Event will award you Tokens that you can use to purchase Classified Gear caches (detailed below) and unique vanity items (that are currently not included on the PTS).
  • The Global Event features a modifier that can be applied to existing content. Two extra modifiers can be enabled to increase the challenge and the rewards.
  • Earn Global Event Tokens by playing the content and exchange them for Global Event Caches at the vendor.
  • Rewards include
    • Three Classified Gear Sets.
    • Three different Weapon Skins.
    • One vanity set.
  • Global Event specific Commendations are available to challenge you even further.

New feature: Commendations & Patches

  • Commendations introduce hundreds of challenges across several categories for agents to accomplish. Commendations cover all aspects and areas of the game, both for PvE and PvP.
  • Unlocking achievements reward the player with Commendation Score. Your tallied score is displayed to other agents.
  • Some special Commendations award a Patch, a brand new vanity item. These Patches are displayed on the agent’s arm, replacing the default Phoenix patch.

New feature: Face Masks

  • Face Masks are new vanity items allowing players to further customize the look of their agent.
  • Face Masks can be obtained during Global Events.

New feature: Face customization

  • The Base of Operations now include a room with an interactive mirror that you can use to change your agent’s appearance. You can find the room by turning right straight after you have entered the Terminal from the Base of Operation stairs.

New feature: Encrypted Cache

  • An Encrypted Cache is a loot container obtained from the Premium Vendor in the terminal. It requires a key to open.
    • Encrypted Caches contain unique appearance items, emotes and skins.
    • Cipher Keys are needed to open Encrypted Caches. These keys are created by collecting key fragments, which are available from normal gameplay. 10 key fragments are needed to create one Cipher Key. Keys can also be purchased from the Premium Vendor.
  • Unique appearance items from the Encrypted Caches are organized in Collections that can be found in the Vanity tab. Once a Collection has been completed, the agent will receive a reward.

New feature: Classified Gear Sets

  • Classified Gear Set pieces are unique gear set pieces for pre-existing gear sets and will feature 5 and 6-piece bonuses.
  • Classified Gear Set pieces can initially only be received from participating in Global Events.
    • After a Global Event has concluded, the Classified Gear pieces can be found during normal gameplay, but with lower drop rates than during Global Events.
  • Classified Gear Set pieces have higher Primary Stat Range than normal Gear Set pieces.
    • Primary Stat Range: 1274 – 1401
  • Classified Gear Sets can receive two recalibrations.
  • Three Classified Gear sets will be introduced for every Global Event. These Classified Gear Sets are:
    • Lone Star
      • 5 Piece:
        • +50% Ammo Capacity
        • +12% LMG Damage
        • +12% Shotgun Damage
      • 6 Piece: Berserker
        • When a weapon has 50% of its magazine remaining, there is a 75% chance to receive a bonus that activates when the final bullet is fired from the current magazine. Once activated, the magazine is instantly refilled, weapon damage is increased by 20%, fire rate is increased by 20%, and stability and accuracy are decreased to 0. The bonus is cancelled by reloading or exiting combat.
    • Final Measure
      • 5 Piece:
        • +15% Exotic Damage Resilience
        • +15% Protection from Elites
      • 6 Piece: Improved Final Measure
        • When a grenade is defused the player and all group members within 30 meters gain a buff based on the grenade type that was defused.
        • -EMP/Shock: Skill power increased by 20% for 8 seconds.
        • -HE/Incendiary: Weapon damage increased by 20% for 8 seconds.
        • -Flashbang/Tear Gas: Damage Mitigation increased by 20% for 8 seconds.
    • DeadEYE
      • 5 Piece:
        • +40% Initial Bullet Stability
        • +20% Marksman Rifle Critical Hit Damage
      • 6 Piece: Improved DeadEYE
        • When zoomed, getting a headshot kill with Marksman rifles will increase critical hit damage by 20% every second to a maximum of 100% and will increase stability by 100%. Lasts for 10 seconds or until no longer zoomed.

I have my cousin Grizzlee to thank for getting me back on track with The Division so I can help him level up and this is the perfect time for him with the latest updates. Now we just need to clean up New York and try to save any other citizens from the outbreak. Hope you enjoyed this update news and maybe we can team up sometime and finish the fight. Be sure to check out our other post on The Division and I will see you on the streets Agents. – Beast Out

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