The Kickstarter for the Battle Chasers Fan in you, JRPG Style

It has been a long time coming and finally on this day Joe Madureira has finally unleashed one badass kickstarter for us the Battle Chaser fans. If you’ve ever read the comic book you would understand the excitement. You will also remember the Darksider series he worked on as well and that alone will give you an idea of the excitement of a Battle Chasers JRPG. I honestly thought he was going to go action with this game, but it makes sense to be more in the turned based combat style. Check out the kickstarter campaign below.


Being with Airship Syndicate filled with many talented artist and programmers must be amazing and as I was told by my mentor Lawrence Christmas, “Always support your fellow artist!” Outside of Darksiders, I would never have thought that there would be a Battle Chasers game or a comeback to be honest. This is one of those times I am glad I was wrong.

Battlechasers Gif

I will get to the rewards in a second and they are very rewarding. I mean they are freaking tasty if you choose the right one that fits your style. Nightwar brings homage to the classic JRPG’s and these guys want to bring that same passion and love with the dynamic 2D cut-scenes and amazing 3D animation graphics that will give you the feel of being in the comic book. It is rare to see the same visuals that you would see in the Battle Chasers series come to life in a 3D JRPG world. I am looking forward to the strategies I will come up with some of the characters.

2D Cutscene

The Story:

The Lost Continent

The Grey Line. An impenetrable wall of mist hovering over the West Waters, stretching endless from north to south, and towering from ocean crest to dark sky above.

Nothing has ever come from, or survived entering, the historic monolith. The great hero Aramus felt a calling from the Grey Line and crossed, despite the dangers. And like countless warriors, vagabonds, fugitives and fortune seekers before him, never returned. Now, his daughter Gully and her unlikely band of adventurers venture into the mist to uncover her father’s mission.

Along the way they’ll meet friend and foe alike while piecing together the silent history of the Grey Line, and the dark secrets within.
Bring on the Characters:
  • Gully who is on a quest to find her long lost Father Aramus. Skills: Crush, Earthquake and Protectors Instinct. She is going to be beast.
  • Garrison once a loyal paladin to the missing hero Aramus now seeks to regain his honor by aiding Gully in her quest. Skills: Flashblind, Quickstep, and Redmist
  • Monika also known as Red Monika is a Fugitive who will do anything for the right price and getting herself known. Seems to have that Love/Hate relationship with Garrison, but we shall see how that unfolds in the story. Skills: Charm, Disarm, and Pickpocket
  • Knolan an old mage that is plagued by the rapid decline of Mana. This of course is the source of all magic in the world, but his short temper is worthy to deal with any foe. Skills: Light, Fire Field and Overcharge
  • Calibretto my favorite of the bunch. It is an Ancient War Golem who developed his own sentience and now helps out Knolan throughout this venture. Even though Calibretto is a kind giant, he wields an arsenal to take down a legion of adversaries. Skills: Revitalize, Seed of Life and Death Bloom


War Golem in Action

Okay people that should be enough to wet your whistle and head on over to the kickstarter page right and help them reach their goal. This game looks worth it and the hype is real, but definitely support this campaign. I am going to try to keep things fresh and up to date as time passes, however I am going to go and read some Battle Chasers comics in the meantime. Stay frosty gamers!

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