The Review of The Deadly Tower of Monsters

Ever wanted to play your favorite movie as a video game? Well this isn’t it because the movie in the game is an oldie stereotypical sci-fi movie circa 1970s. And that’s just the theme of the game! Trickster is back to bring you another review of the beta game called The Deadly Tower of Monsters. Let’s get started!

Now when I say a movie as a video game, it is exactly that. You play the lead roles of the movie as you traverse the tower of monsters on an alien planet. Some of the monsters include apes, dinosaurs, and….shogan ninja warriors? Yeah, this “movie” is all over the place, but I think that’s the point of the game. It’s showing how ridiculous those old blockbuster films were back in the day of damsels in distress and horrible movie editing skills.


The artwork within the environment is spot on and amazing. The filter on the camera and the models of the vehicles as well as the equipment really pulls in the players to think that they really are in the 1970s. There are some special effect choices I would’ve added to make it more like a movie, nothing major, just a few tweaks here and there.

I really enjoyed the theme of the game most of all, if that wasn’t clear already. Normally you don’t see too many games that focus on our history, but the ones that do are very successful. Examples include but not limited to Assassin’s Creed, that indie game that reminisces of old Disney cartoons (forgot the name), and Fallout. Speaking of which, when you first start the game, it immediately feels like Fallout because of the use of a similar time period theme. Even the UI in both games are similar!


Let’s talk about the enemies. They come in a variety of different species and are decently challenging. I can’t say the same for the bosses and mid-bosses. The mid-boss I faced was way too easy and I didn’t even get a chance to fight the giant monkey. That would have been so much fun! Maybe he comes back in another level, but I still think I deserved a better fight than that.


I played this game not knowing what I was getting into and I came out enjoying it. I only got a chance to play the first level but I would love to see the other monsters and features that this game has to offer. The story is ironically interesting, the characters are iconic nods to the characters you see in 70s movies, and the gameplay is quite fun. I could blast my ray gun with me making “Pew, pew pew!” sounds any day with this game. Although my computer didn’t have the right specs for the game, so when you do try it out I’d recommend having at least 8 GB RAM on your computer. Also I have a let’s play on this game; you can check it out here.

There were some annoying things, but most are minor. I personally don’t like the Unreal Engine mostly because some games with this engine have some slightly weird physics and movement with the characters. In this case, it was the pots, although it could be that the hit boxes on the pots and crates are not big enough to be detected when interacted with the player’s blunt weapon. But it could also be my computer having bad RAM. Whatever the case, I give The Deadly tower of Monsters 3.5 out of 5 paws. So concludes another review by Trickster. I shall be back to do more, I promise you. So until next time, Let’s Make Magic!

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