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Gotham City is one vicious mistress that gives its citizens no rest. The Jokers death was supposed to give the city some peace of mind, but instead has the populous wondering what new chaos will come next? Fear has flooded the city and now Scarecrow with his new champion the Arkham Knight has made claim calling out the Batman to face his fears! Once again we must dawn the cape and cowl to save the citizens, but this time there might be no coming back.

Fallen Knight:

Batman has saved the city, peace happens for a moment and the Scarecrow screws that all up by unleashing a powerful fear toxin that gas masks are usless. Scarecrow has been plotting revenge against the Dark Knight which made sense throughout the series. Since he has been a key side character and is always failing to take us down as the Batman. The city is now evacuated and the enemy believes they have you cornered, but you never cage yourself with a vicious animal, especially one with skilled back-ups. You will not be fighting solo for long with the aid of Nightwing, Robin and at times Catwoman for a new form of dual control mechanics in combat. However who is this Arkham Knight that seems to have such a grudge for Batman? This sort of hatred feels almost familiar and concentrated as if they have a personal past with one another…who could that be? That answer will be for another time.


Controls are Key:

I have said this before and I shall keep saying this. Batman has one of the best combat features in any fight mechanic adventure game I’ve ever played. If Rocksteady redid the Matrix video games, that would be the greatest thing in gaming history. As the Batman you have access to all his combat skills and in Arkham Knight the combat is upgraded to involve more environmental take downs. Between using the lamps or slamming an opponent into a circuit breaker it all comes together in a magnificent ballet of carnage. There is even a new ability called Fear which is long overdue. Pretty much you get the drop on your enemies and go into this timed event where after you takedown your first victim you have to use the right analog to move the camera quickly to your next target and keep going until it is done. It gets the ball rolling in your favor while you get ready to fight off the rest of the minions.

Your gadgets can be utilized better this time around as the grapple hook can zip you towards an enemy for a take-down. You still have access to the classic abilities against gun wielding enemies with your smoke bombs or grapple claw to disarm them. One of the best features is the Batmobile. Finally we get what we asked for and have full usage of the famed Batmobile and I have to say driving this sexy beast is annoying as all hell! It has what I call a “loose and tight” feature where you switch from pursuit mode to battle mode. The pursuit mode is standard where you can utilize the boosters and a stationary missile launcher when targeting an enemy vehicle. The battle mode helps you move in a 360 degree direction with a nasty cannon and if you successfully hit enough enemies you will gain an auto missile target system.


However the moment you get hit by the enemy you will lose the ability and have to start over. This Batmobile comes fully loaded with a grappling hook that you will utilize in missions and of course it can drive on walls in certain situations when needed. Pretty much your Batmobile is your true side kick that features a remote control feature when you are pinned and need to solve certain aggressive and non-aggressive situations. I can’t speak for everyone else but the vehicle mechanics are a bit clunky, but since it is the first time going for vehicles in the game I can let it slide…like the car does when you perform a powerslide into a freaking wall. Seriously Lucious Fox is going to be pissed after I am done.

I want to talk more on the Dual combat system which is fun and hilarious for your combo meter. Pretty much the better you do in combat the faster you can switch between characters by pressing one of the shoulder buttons to execute a team up combo. In a sense they added a co-op feature without having to deal with another character. You notice that a lot in video games that you become your own player two which works sometimes, but they should do a AR challenge mission where you can team up with another person to fight adversaries.


Graphics Make Gotham Alive:

Rocksteady knew how to bring Gotham to life in video game form by making the city and its people give off a grim personality. I’ve played many Batman titles, but when the Arkham series came out (except Origins. Sorry can’t stand that game) we were gifted to being one with Bruce Wayne as Batman and what to expect when taking on crime fighting. The game characters are all what we were hoping for and more. I never thought I would have so much joy in taking down Two Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy and many other villains. They just all come to life so beautifully and bring off this intimidation factor that was only seen in comic books.

You just get to admire the city as you glide or drive through each well detailed area. There is an appreciation when you see a comic book come to life, especially in video games.


This game gets Freaky:

There will be jump scares galore and apparently a nifty first person shooter is involved sometime during the game and that actually pleased me even more. Going through Batman Arkham Knight has been one big scary surprise with much fear induced and criminally insane situations. This is one living comic book that I can get behind and since it takes parts of The Killing Joke and Death in the Family that I recognized. The M-rating for the game makes a whole lot of sense with the carnage coming from the fear toxin and at one point you have to play as a certain villain in which you go on a killing spree, which was actually fun until it took a psychological turn for the worse, but it made the character of Batman so much more great as a fictional hero. So on that good job Rocksteady for freaking me the hell out through out the game.


Now for the Bad:

I already mentioned the controls of the Batmobile takes some getting used too, but at times it came be fun to get around too. The Riddler’s side missions are a bit tasking at times, but I guess I have grown tired of them and wanted to see someone new that dealt some pretty deadly side quest. This would’ve been a great opportunity to grant another villain to perplex the bat, but they rehashed the same guy even though he is popular I just wanted a variety. It just felt as if they didn’t know what to do with Catwoman even if she was a great part of Arkham City as a playable character. I believe Rocksteady could of brainstormed something better. Thats about it.

For the PC enthusiast out there you might have some concerns. Now this has nothing to do with your systems that some PC gamers want to believe, but rather it is on the developers side of the situation. This is why the PC versions have been yanked off the shelves. The PC master race is going to need some serious down time until the game is re-released this fall. In this case I am glad I have both options because I do feel that some games are good on consoles and others are good on PC. WB games and Rocksteady, it happens do not feel bad.


The Not so bad:

People are expecting me to be upset about the reveal of the Arkham Knight being so easily to figure out. Let me be very clear on this because I am getting tired of explaining how this works. We are geeks, nerds and of course gamers who read manga and comic books. We are capable at this age to figure out things a lot quicker than those that do not read comic books as much as we do. So yes you figured out who the Arkham Knight is…here is a cookie for being “that guy!”. Because guess what? Not everyone is going to figure it out so easily as we did. In that it was an A for effort, but if I were to do things different I would of just made him more vicious and not a lackey to someone else. The character was enough of a badass to be able to stand up on his own and probably take over the city by killing the villains while Batman is investigating what is going on. It could’ve been like that particular DC Movie with a certain name involving a hooded character…just saying. I am going to leave it at that before I spoil the surprise.


Batman: Arkham Knight comes fully loaded with a hefty amount of downloadable content if you pre-ordered that is with Harley Quinn side missions, Red Hood side quests and Scarecrow Mission packs. I have not gotten to them as of yet, but with all the content and the addition of all things you have to do in the game gives you a valid reason to spend the $65.31 on this title. You will be playing Batman for a long time and with that Batman Arkham Knight receives 4.5 out of 5.

All right citizens there is still more work to be done. Please check back as we dabble into the DLC of Red Hood and Harley Quinn side stories. Stay frosty gamers.

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6 Responses to The Review you Deserve of Batman: Arkham Knight

  1. jaganar says:

    being home this week since friday , i had to get the movie ( since i dont have a ps4)
    5 hours of batman video , really ?? ok i aint complaining but afterwards i ended up playing AC and taking my time this time .

    you werent kidding tho about what you told me how it handles, cant wait to play it in GOTY edition. now i see why given that AC had sidequests galor , im not a puzzle person but ill deal with it when i have to ( gow/dmc/lego in general) so when i do play it i am gonna do the ones that are not gonna make me want to throw my controller at the television .

    so thanks for a great review kuma 🙂
    gonna be waiting for a while with this one ( and thanks for the steam with that contest )

    SINCE ORIGINS WAS KIDNAPPED BY WB AND SHIPPED TO CANADA FOR COMPLETION , I DONT THINK IT COUNTS AS A SEQUEL, EVEN ROCKSTEADY HAS STATED ARKHAM TRILOGY ( and the only other game that i can think of that sucked soo bad was POP : forgotten sands , which was kidnapped as well )

    All right citizens there is till more work to be done.
    typo , i guess that curveball that they threw you ingame really did a number XD on the sunkist heheheheh

  2. jaganar says:

    the fact that some people NEED to spoil the punchline about the identity really makes me sad ( like the internet is there for a reason ) but if you dont have common sense and ZERO self control , you really are just wasting your time ruining it for yourself .

    the Arkham trilogy is a perfect series ( the writing is perfect, so much so that this shows the dedication the company has for the endgame from the very start of AA). if this is indeed the final game , i really hope ROCK is just messing with us , cus there is sooo much more they can go into in a sequel ( talia , nightwing, and meeting up with ARROW , etc)

    when i get the 4 ( ps4, btw) this will be the first game i pick up, lord willing at this time it will be GOTY 🙂 .

    i just have one question : AFTER you completed the game did X go and get Y’s blessing ??

    • Kuma Baity says:

      I am not saying sorry dude. But you will enjoy it.

      • jaganar says:

        brother kuma , you didnt spoil anything for me but i think its a pretty much COMMON SENSE issue when you read a review for a game you are gonna step on a SPOILER-LAND MINE or two 🙂

        i really wish i read your review for AC cus these riddler missions are getting me super irritable .;)

        much love to the CREW ( everybody but dean 😛 )

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