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Gather around, don’t be shy, don’t be scared and don’t you dare cry. This is only a tale, a short one in fact that you dare not ignore. For you see, this is a story about the battle of 97. Oh, you have not heard of such battle, well let me tell you that it was courageous and dealt with two dollars, a bag of popcorn and one bottle of Sunkist with the Quest to greatness. A warrior that was half demon from a far off land called East NY. Deadly times that was on the verge to ending the war on colors, saggy jeans, and ignorant policies. On this hot summer, the Demon warrior discovered a game of Tekken 3 and his new fighter Bryan Fury. Your curious mind wonders how did such a warrior discover such a title. Well, he heard that creepy laugh of Fury from a defeated noob that was being drenched in salt…OF DEFEAT! His opponent was an arrogant S.O.B that used Armored King….and what happened next changed this demonic warrior for the rest of his life. (war drums bang).

Okay, enough of that dramatic storytelling. Hi, I am Kuma and I have been gaming for a long time. The first time I recall touching a controller was on the NES playing RC Pro-Am with my uncle Gregory. It was a frustrating time because of my gaming skills for the lack of a better word, Sucked! In his words, “Learn to play or don’t bother me to play again!” In new terms, “Get Good!” I played on his system without him knowing and then later that year Christmas time, I ended up with my own system. My mom used to play with me and even did that classic jump the controller with the character thinking it will jump higher. I got good and kicked my uncle’s butt, even landed that damn plane in Top Gun!

Finally, A Gamer is Made:

It actually took a while until I realized I was truly made for gaming. It was when I was hanging out with my uncle Paul. Took me on a round of Double Dragon 3 and I adapted to his play style in the vs. area which ended with me taking the win 9 games to 2. He stated, “You are way too good.” it was simple and I started to play other challenging games that moved me on to Ninja Gaiden, TMNT, and many other titles. Now I was an only child so that meant I was SPOILED to a point where my mom had to make some ground rules. Since games were expensive that I needed to beat the game until the credits rolled. Not much of a challenge, but I decided to be a bit reasonable (Laughs).

My mother Rhonda Ona Baity liked to play jokes. You see I was a punk as a kid where anything horror or paranormal scared the crap out of me. So, this woman came home with a “new” game for me, but it was Friday the 13th for the Nintendo.…GOD! This was when she got a freeze of buying me another video game because I could not beat it. It was just too damn scary for me at the time and also the controls were horrible and I was frustrated trying to figure out things. So I gave it away to someone at school that loved Horror so much. Can you believe it that they beat it that same week, even told me about a secret in getting Jason Mom’s sweater. The hell.

Gamer Struggles:

I got beat up a lot. It is the age old statistic being a geek and a gamer comes with many bullies. I think at that point I became an introvert not wanting to be around anyone and just to myself. It came to a point where my mom begged me to get into trouble like a normal kid. So I broke and dish and was sent to my room.

Going halfway through this I realized that I already did a born with a controller interview, but it was done by my friends at The PODWITS, more notably my mentor in video editing J. Marcus. So, on this Throwback Thursday Edition of BwC, let’s take a look at the very first born with a controller interview.

You know you have those embarrassing moments that make you regret a few things in your younger years, well at least this is not as bad as that time I was on a short dating reality show called Meet or Delete for MTVU. I have to admit, I have had great adventures and meeting dope gamers through the years. Hence why I started this from jump to get to know other gamers and their story.

Either way, this is where it all started and you can check out the many other interviews I have done with many amazing gamers by clicking here. I am getting back into the interviews soon enough after I obtain my new mic, so be ready to share your story with the world and how you were born with a controller. – Beast Out

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