The Wild West Comes to The Surge

The Good, the bad and the Augmented new DLC available now for the Surge. Kind of funny seeing a western theme coming to the Surge play style, but keeping a game growing is nothing to look away from. Check out the latest trailer.

For those that do not know the Surge takes notes from the Dark Souls series being that you learn from your failure and improve as you go. It can be frustrating but depending on the type of gear you want to build, you can do some devastating damage. The one thing that sets it apart from the other genre is the impressive combat system where you pick certain body parts to dismember and add to your own. It was a nicely executed idea and I had a few laughs with it.

Seems like there will be a new mode of bounty hunting involved in which I am assuming that you beat the enemy and you get there gear, which I am totally fine with. In the words of a particular sci-fi movie, “You keep what you kill!”

So, get out there and Modify the west with new weaponry and new armor to show off and rip through your enemies like a good Cowboy. – Beast Out

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