The World of Pokemon is Growing

I would not call myself a Pokemon Master…anymore at least. Still the world of Pokemon is ever growing and last nights Nintendo event showed us that it is expanding in a unique direction. Today we will touch base on what we saw last night, especially for those that probably missed it. 

Pokemon Home is our First Stop

We always wanted a way to merge our Pokemon with a simple feature especially those that have been playing since the beginning. We did have Pokemon Bank, but it was lacking something special. Until now that is with Pokemon Home. This lovely feature connects Pokemon Bank, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Pokemon: Let’s Go, Evee! as well as the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games. It will also connect to your mobile game Pokemon: Go. All incredible which is a nice fitting name. 

“With Pokemon HOME, Trainers can manage their collection of Pokemon across many of their games. Plus, they can trade with friends or with anyone around the world directly using Pokemon HOME via a mobile device. A potential future addition will even allow multiple players in a single location to trade all at once. “

Pokemon Sleep is our next stop! 

This is an interesting concept that technically makes Pokemon GO work around the clock. As you play during the day time and as you sleep at night. 

“Soon, you’ll be able to wake up with Pokemon every morning with Pokemon Sleep, a mobile app coming from The Pokemon Company. Pokemon Sleep brings a gameplay experience unlike any other. A new device based on the Pokemon GO Plus device uses an embedded accelerometer to track your time sleeping and sends this information to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This new device, called the Pokemon GO Plus+, also has the same Functions as the original Pokemon GO Plus, so you can use it to play Pokemon GO during the day as well as with Pokemon Sleep at night.” 

Not at a bad idea and it would be interesting to catch particular pokemon that only come out at night which would make a special event while you sleep. 

The road to Pokemon Masters

Pokemon GO was a great introduction to actually living up to the experience that many of us wanted to do by traveling around and catching pokemon. At first it was just about catching and sharing your collection and then battles started to get introduced because what is Pocket Monsters if we can’t battle? This is where Pokemon Masters comes into play. 

“A new Pokemon mobile game called Pokemon Masters is on the way for iOS and Android devices from The Pokemon Company and DeNA. Pokemon Masters Lets players experience a new type of Pokemon battling on the go, and it features many famous Pokemon Trainers from the long history of Pokemon video games. Gameplay has been optimized for smart devices, allowing anyone to casually pick it up and play.”

Seeing great trainers throughout Pokemon History? Sign me up for that because I have a bone to pick with Brock for sure. 

A new Detective Pikachu for the Nintendo Switch

I am not surprised by this one with the success of the Live action movie of the same name. It was bound to have a sequel or I hope it is a sequel coming to the Nintendo Switch. 

“The release of Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie has left fans wanting more of the famous Pokemn sleuth. Creatures, Inc., has plans to create a new entry in the Detective Pikachu video game series for Nintendo Switch. The original Detective Pikachu game for the Nintendo 3DS ended on a cliffhanger and this upcoming game will be a conclusion to that story. The details of the game are still a mystery, so keep checking for more information.”

Oh, that is twisty and mysterious, but mostly mysterious as we will need to wait for more, but this beastly detective will keep pressing to see what I can dig up for you. 

Last Stop Merchandise with Pokemon Shirts

This one is quite interesting and makes me wonder if they can make custom sizes as well?

“Tsunekazu Ishihara, president of The Pokemon Company, concluded the Pokemon 2019 press conference with one more interesting bit of news. He discussed a new service in Japan called Pokemon Shirts, which creates made-to-order original clothing desings featuring the first 151 Pokemon. While wearing one of the custom designs on stage, Mr. Ishihara announced that the service will expand to more regions, including the United States and Europe!”

I applaud that news and I would love a Snorlax custom shirt doing one of its signatures moves in a 3XL, please! 

The Pokemon Press Conference was quite interesting and I am all for it. I plan on getting a switch finally after all the library of games being announced caught my interest anyway. I hope you enjoyed the new details and please share your thoughts in the comments area below. Expect releases for Pokemon Masters later this year and the rest to have a 2020 release date – Beast Out – 

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