Things to Come in Television and Movies

341315_221227257934032_1772447239_o Hey guys,

Just wanted to formally introduce myself and let you in on what’s on my mind of  things coming up in the future.

I’m Dexter, got my writing skills out of NYU learning screenwriting. Wrote a few  scripts and shorts, but my passion is teaching writing to the up and coming youth  of today.

Grew up a huge comic book fan but fell out of it when the stories weren’t going my  way. You know that feeling when Spiderman finally marries Mary Jane and you  say- Why did they do that to my favorite character!! So I said I can do better and  write stories I likes. Then I contributed to some stories and then advanced into  screenwriting. Now with all these comic book movies and TV show I wished I paid  more attention to the comic back then.

So on the television side I will do reviews on come comic related material, but I do have an affinity for drama and espionage. So, yes I will throw in some Blacklist and Elementary in from time to time. I am so enjoying The Flash because it is the true essence of what a television super hero should be. You know what I mean: With great power comes great responsibility! It nails it. And for that I will give it a pass on changing the comic universe up. We all know that this series is birthed from the Graphic novel Flashpoint. But they couldn’t do it page by page because they have yet to introduce all the character in the story. So they just pulled out the core of the story and ran with it. So we are now at point where there 2 timeline. This is so hot! I am looking forward to Mark Hamil in true form in the next episode; trust I will review that episode. The Arrow is a different creature. It is done so dark and dryly that the Batman and the Crow will leap out any minute. I am just following it to see where it goes, may not come back to it next season. Gotham is swaying from the point and not getting us any closer to Bruce and his crusades that the main story of Gordon is just sleepy! Now as for Agents of Shied they got it right. Forget the detractors, they can put who they want in the story, the comic was never a who’s who of Marvel universe anyway. They have some very interesting stories to tell and it’s heating up. I just hope they are not leading us into another battle with Hydra! Been there done that. Just lead us into the next Avenger movie!


Speaking of movies, with my busy schedule I’m going to try to more movie reviews. I am looking forward to Avengers: Age of Ultron- There are no strings on me! Oh, that’s not the title. It should be! Putting my man Red Reddington as the voice of Ultron- I’m there!! I’m a little afraid for the next set of movies, because we all know it leads into the Civil War and that is where comics lost me and they asked me to choose a side. Now they are asking new comers to these films to choose a side. Don’t lose me! I’m looking forward to anything Marvel. On the DC side I’m only looking forward to the Suicide Squad with Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. Anything else I may skip. I also may throw in some other drama and Sci fi based movies. As well as the next James Bond Outing Spectre!! Hotnesss!!


I am a huge X-files fan so any news on the next set of show is welcome. The latest news is that Fox has given Chris Carter the green light for 6 episodes, and David and Gillian are attached. So let’s get the show on the road. I also understand the Heroes will be back, it would be nice to look back at that show and see what is going on in their lives at this point. Bring it. Thanks for indulging me and always feel free to comment I like to dialogue with folks. Take care!



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7 Responses to Things to Come in Television and Movies

  1. Zara says:

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA! Did you just say at the end there that Heroes, as in “save the cheerleader, save the world” Heroes, is coming back? I am so on the hype train for that if it’s true!

    • Azrael says:

      Where have you been? They announced Heroes was coming back sometime last year. If it is anything like the first season, I will be thrilled. Hell, if it is anything like what the flash forward episode was like at the end of the first season, I will be astounded. Otherwise, there have been far better takes on the superhero TV formula. I’d be more excited for a return of Alphas.

      • Kuma Baity says:

        Not everyone has information like that Azrael, some people miss things. But I hope they do a better job than what they gave us in the final season.

      • Zara says:

        I have a TiVo, so I usually skip commercials unless I happen to catch a glimpse of something interesting looking, and it just so happens I haven’t seen a commercial on this yet. I also don’t watch the news (too depressing, and far too opinionated), and I don’t troll the internet all day either, so it is perfectly feasible for me to have missed this.

        I loved most of Heroes, though they seemed to get a little off track in the last season or two, and so they were a little disappointing to me. I’ll be super happy to see ti return to it’s roots, and of course to see what other powers they give people.

        While I thought Alphas was pretty good, it didn’t really catch me like Heroes, and I don’t know why. However that didn’t stop me from watching all of it.

        • Iselynne says:

          I fell off somewhere in season 3 I think… I can’t even remember, I just thought the story got too silly/uninteresting and it had some really off putting character developments. But I might be up for a new start, seeing as they will focus on new characters.
          I will miss Horned Rimmed Glasses though. He was pretty much the one character that remained good.

  2. fulldex says:

    From what I understand not all of characters are coming back, and from what what I heard 8 episodes will be a separate story from the normal path. Thanx.

  3. Iselynne says:

    First off: Welcome to the team Dex!

    I have very mixed feelings bout the new X Files season. Mainly because of the horrible 2008 film. I was hoping for a continuation of the alien storyline and instead they did a Silence of the Lambs. Except with a blood-crying pedophile priest instead of Hannibal.
    I’m thrilled that Skinner is set for a return. I’m also really hoping for Dogget as he was always my favourite, but I doubt I’ll be that lucky.

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