Things you Need to Know Being a Reviewer

These tips can actually work in any vlog and blog field for those of you that are curious, but this came about because of my cousin’s recent post on Alvin-Earthworm and frankly speaking this can help you get confidence about sharing your opinions.

Step One: Know the Content


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You are going up against a community of gamers, geeks and nerds that THINK they know about everything that you are talking about or more. The thing is that this is 70% true, maybe less I am being nice. The best way to combat this situation is to know everything you need to before you post any bit of information regarding content. For example if you plan to write a review for Amazing Spider-Man 2. This means not only do you have to deal with gamers, but comic book enthusiasts as well. This is what I call the “double search,” being that I am in both categories, I know enough to have a strong opinion and convictions for this game.

In reality you don’t need to know that much to have a strong review stand point. It is pretty simple doing a review for a comic book video game or in this case, a game based on a comic book movie. Just know the basics of the character and focus on the main point, which is the gameplay. Is it fun, do you want to play it again, is there strong replay value and how does it fair in the end? All key factors to look into as a game reviewer.

If you get that one person reading your review who we know as, “That Guy” wants to be a troll and ask, “I see you failed to mention about the relationship between Uncle Ben and Parker which is crucial in the story, so how does this make it a good game if that is not there?” Please be advised to consider the following options:

  1. Answer the question like a professional and be sure to have a valid reason as to why it was not mentioned, for example, it is irrelevant for the game since it took place after the movie.
  2. Be as sarcastic as possible making them feel stupid for even asking such a question.
  3. Ignore it… but don’t, because you show strength in showing that you can answer, and it surprises those thinking there is no answer.

Be prepared for that.

2. Feed Trolls With Caution

Let’s say you are satisfied with your post on your convictions on PlayStation Now and then all of a sudden you get hit with someone like this:


You’ll rarely see this person unless you strike a nerve, but you gotta love this kind of reader who is obviously an English professor. These are the types of trolls that feel they have a degree in grammar after the fact they make their own errors in grammar.

In this case I recommend laughing it off and paying attention to those with constructive criticism.

3. Proofread with a second pair of eyes


It’s crucial to have a reliable editor so the situation mentioned above does not happen if it can be helped. I was not going to mention this because these are supposed to be tips on an emotional and psychological stand point. Oh well, might as well mention it.

4. Confidence


This goes for both men and women going into this field. It is okay to be afraid to voice your opinion because look at what we have to deal with out there on the internet. People will try to hurt your feelings if they do not agree with your opinions. However do not let them take power away from you. I learned from Adam Sessler, who I will admit I didn’t agree with all his scores for games, but I admire his way of dealing with trolls and hate mail.

Your opinion is as good as anyone else and should be backed up properly. Do not be afraid to share your thoughts and suggestions, because at the end of the day someone will appreciate your thoughts. There are a lot of people in this world hoping to hear someone share some constructive thoughts on a game or some content they enjoy. Why deny them your thoughts?

5. If its not fun, what’s the point?


Yes, you want to do this as a career and yes, you would love to make income out of this, but first have fun with it. The problem these days is the passion behind the craft is lost and most posts and reviews turn out so dull without any real talent behind it. Where is the personality of the writer in the work, what makes them stand out from the rest?

You must enjoy it first before it becomes a career, in my opinion. There are times you just need to go with the flow and let something that you want to talk about or review flow out there. Be funny, be silly and just have fun.

6. Suggestions, not rule!


Finally remember your opinions are just that opinions. You, as a reviewer or previewer, are just making suggestions and not pulling a dictatorship rule over people’s choice. Some writers forget that main factor and I have seen some belittle others for not listening to their warning.

Here is a story for you. I used to work at a particular game store and we would constantly control a customer’s choice, even at points, insult them for considering to buy such items. We were wrong and had no right in doing so, but luckily we started to change our act by suggesting they get it pre-owned so if they don’t like the title, ¬†they can return it.¬†There are times we get those select few that rather get that new copy and come back upset at us for letting them buy such a horrible game. That is not our fault and even then we do not insult them. Take it up as a loss and move on.


It is our great power to be able to sit through the good, the bad and the ugly of many video games, movies, comics and other forms of geek media, for you, the readers. It is great responsibility to tell you the truth about those categories, but in that responsibility comes a great headache when you do not listen and we have to deal with the complaints as if we didn’t warn you. It’s okay though, because it is part of the gig.


I hope this clears up a few things for those of you that have asked or were concerned about writing in the gamer, geek, and nerd community. Do not be afraid and I would say a bonus trick is to talk as if you are with your fellow gamers, geeks and nerds. This time it is for the whole world to see. Stay frosty!


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