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I am a fan of the retro style top-down shooters of my youth and many like Smash TV will always hold a special place in my heart. To Hell with Hell brings back that nostalgia with an added twist of as you the last survivor of the Apocalypse going to hell battling endless swarms of demons in all shapes and sizes just to face Lucifer himself. Can We Do It?

I love the first caption of a warning this game gives you letting you know that,

“This game is meant to be hard, so expect to die a lot!” 

So, let’s dive into hell. First off I highly recommend players utilize the mouse and keyboard vs. the joypad. This game is a Rogue-Like experience which means you will have to dodge a lot of bullet fire as well as kamikaze enemies. You will use the mouse to target in a 360 direction while using the A, S, D, and W keys for movement. The trackball on the mouse will help you switch between weapons that do run out of ammo so be mindful of how you are shooting.

As you progress the levels become more challenging, but you will have the opportunity to collect different mask which will act as your lives as well as power-ups. Depending on your mask you will use the right click on the mouse to unleash your abilities but do be careful not to get hit by your own weapon. I am not sure what to tell you to either be patient or to be quick, but you will have to find that sweet spot in the middle to get through each stage.

After you are done you will have to jump through a portal which will give you an option to choose a power-up to give you an advantage at the beginning of the level. Of course, you will have to encounter boss bottles and this is where all of your techniques will come in handy.

Item drops are pretty solid, but you will have to rummage around and hit everything and get lucky. Keep in mind that you need to pick up the item before it disappears.

Retro Visuals:

I admire a game that sticks to the classics with updated movement engine. The levels have their own unique and gruesome flair even when we have a frozen Thundra that gives you the whole, “Hell Freezing Over” thought. I do like the character designs of the different demon forms, the warlocks that drop explosive Pentagrams or the vixen succubus dashing out a barrage of gunfire. The little critters are the worse, but if you move right and know your surroundings you will be good.

What drives me the most in the game is the music, I have to give props to the composers as the music rocks pretty hard and fits well with the carnage.

The Bad: 

The control schemes can be tedious and harsh even when I try to adjust for the mouse and keyboard. I do feel that the joypad would have been a great choice, but it doesn’t translate well in which I hope there is an update for that soon. I am not going to knock on it too hard for the difficulty since it is all about that, but with some tweaking, it will be less annoying trying to dodge enemy fire or at times you can’t tell what you can hide behind. It is still a work in progress.


To Hell with Hell gives you that challenge of many retro Rogue-Like shooters, but it can get repetitive fast even with the different levels. There needs to be a better control scheme and it would not hurt to have a co-op feature with this genre to share the carnage and sadness with a buddy. All and all I give it a 2.5 out of 5 paws.

Check out To Hell with Hell available now on the Steam Marketplace and check it out if you want a crazy challenge. – Beast Out


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