Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Siege Beta; Ubisoft we Have Concerns

Ubisoft, this is your evaluation of the latest beta release of the long-awaited Rainbow Six nicely named Siege, as we gamers felt under siege. To be clear many of us have been long time fans of the R6 series and took pleasure in the fact that the R6 series was all about teamwork and cooperation. It traditionally also boasted impressive tactical engagement that we all loved and it seems that Siege has failed in what was once great aspects in the series. As of right now Siege stands as a dumbed down version of once a great series with no real tactical abilities. I do not mean the equipment, mind you, it is more on the movement of the soldiers that we use. However I am jumping the gun a bit, so let’s take a look at the Terrorist Hunt.

Before I go into the video in question, lets first talk about a few other matters. The news that Siege would not be featuring a storyline was a bit upsetting, but frankly speaking there are a lot of FPS titles that are strong without a storyline experience. So Siege would be granted a pass if it indeed felt strong enough to hold its own. Those concerned gamers including myself would not make that big of a deal. There are gamers that complain about a game’s aspects all the time, so why should that affect this game? Well in every match that I was in, each player voiced their disappointment and ready to cancel their pre-orders. I would‘ve shrugged it off, but the majority was way too high to just pass it by as a bitter player. You probably heard a few of those complaints in the video above and you know you have a problem when we were not bashing the connection issues or the wait time. No, we do not feel as if we are playing a Tom Clancy game at all.

A few problems that need fixing:

  • Posting: This is very important and was a great thing in all of your previous titles. People can team up and perform actions in a scene. Post up on a wall to get ready for a breach and clear or breach and kill depending on the situation. One person sets the charge and another throws in a grenade, flash or smoke after the breach is made.
  • Cover System: Same with posting, but being able to properly hide behind cover would be great, especially when you can perform a blind fire.
  • Open Equipment: This one is a bit confusing, but previous titles gave us full use of equipment to pick and then upgrade instead of choosing a class. As a team, leave it up to us to communicate beforehand to grab what we want or what is necessary. Granted not everyone will talk, but I was lucky enough to conduct some great strategies.
  • Customization: Let us make the soldier like in previous titles. It is a smart idea to have classes locked so there is no mirror-matching in the game. That is counter productive when we need a breacher, medic and so forth. However customization to make our characters look a certain way should be our choice.
  • Don’t Be the Norm: This feels like any other FPS game and that is not your style. The thing that made you great is by giving us a serious military experience.

Taken from one player’s perspective of the game, Scorpiolyte:


It’s a horrible direction Ubisoft’s going in by copying Call of Duty’s style of gameplay when they are 2 totally different styles strategic wise. By removing the cover system it turns R6 into a run & gun style of gaming. They have the cute little killcam as well as COD’s ‘last stand’ but failed to allow the player the ability to still use a side arm, like COD does.

To be clear Mr. Lyte feels there is some copy and paste style in Siege that takes away from your great imagination which is no good. Besides the last stand portion, there is a brief moment where you are wounded and have to wait for someone to heal you. I do not want a last stand feature because you could be occupied stopping the bleeding while you wait for help. The kill cam is a waste of time because it is unnecessary.

It’s not all bad, there are a few things you did right. The terrorist hunt feature is a great way to get a decent amount of practice before you go into a Player vs. Player match. The three difficulties bring in a nice challenge as the A.I. becomes stronger. I have only tackled up to hard difficulty because at that level the computer is unpredictable to an extent. They may pop out of nowhere at times, but are still too simple to attack who they need to attack. I stood in front of an enemy and it took them a while to process their own kill order.

While playing Terrorist Hunt you will be able to unlock more credits and level up to take advantage of the operative area. This is where you upgrade your guns, equipment and unlock other operatives.


Destruction is a lot of fun and you did that very well. Being able to tactically breach compounds in Siege is a nice and fitting feature. It is somewhat limited, but you can hardly tell because there are certain things you can’t breach through, like a concrete floor, which makes sense. I mean you could, but the amount of breaching charge might eliminate anyone in the area and at that point might as well blow up the whole place.

Ubisoft, look, you have a track record in certain titles to rush things a bit with many technical problems, but so far you have a strong following with Rainbow Six. If you want to make this your full on Multiplayer only game, then by all means go for it. Please keep in mind of what made you great in the first place and try to utilize that in this current game. We the gamers would really appreciate if you take your time and fix some issues in order to keep us engaged.

These are all suggestions and should be taken as such, and to be clear, you are asking for our feedback in this beta anyway. We want this to succeed and give us something different in military shooters and one that knows how to make a team-based game work.

We thank you for your time and this concludes our evaluation. Good luck to you.R6S_Screen_TheConsulate2k_E3_150615_4pm_PT_1434371334


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