Tomb Raider Movie Review

The legacy of Lara Croft is a well-known one in the video game genre. Lara Croft brought something new to the explorer genre as a badass female character taking on mercenaries, dinosaurs, tigers and many other entities that made you backflip crazy while firing her 9mm Heckler & Koch twin pistols. Back in 2013, we received a new reboot of the series where we take on the role of Lara Croft year one before the training and before being seasoned to treasure hunting. Just a heads up there will be some spoilers, but not too bad to ruin the film.

As most of us already know that Lara Croft is mourning the loss of her Father Richard Croft, but to her, she feels he is still alive just missing somewhere. It is now in her hands to take over her Father’s business, but she is going through a trying stage in her young life being that it has been already 7 years since he disappeared. In Tomb Raider fashion Lara discovers a secret that leads her to her first journey and of course things never go as planned and we have a shipwrecked situation. You could say this is the beginning of the Lara Croft we know.

The Good:

For one the acting choices were pretty good with Lara being played by Alicia Vikander and my favorite actor Daniel Wu as a new friend Lu Ren with a common goal to find both their fathers. The role of Richard Croft played by Dominic West was touching and you felt the relationship that was endearing, but distant at the same time. Even though he loved Lara with all his heart, he still had his own selfish goal in getting touch with his deceased wife. The plot gets deeper when Lara discovers that her father’s journey leads him to a deeper discovery in which his crusade turned into a world-saving one.

I appreciated the nods to the games that some already did a shot by shot comparison to the game and movie. The action sequences were not over the top which is fine and had a subtle tone too it.

The main villain Mathias Vogel played by Walton Goggins did an amazing job showing a sinister more demented side being trapped on the island until his task is finished. That would put anyone in a certain place especially being away from civilization for so long. That’s about it for the good.

The Bad:

It was not enough for me to feel the transition of Lara Croft to badass. As most of us have seen her properly transform into a proper “raider” being green under the gills as they showed when she first landed in China being naive and falling for tourist traps. Her bravery is not in question at all, but they should at least show a bit of vulnerability leading up to her finally saying “enough is enough!”. While on the island she ran a lot had one dangerous situation and then no other island hazards came after her.
There is one reveal that I dare not say that made her way too safe and convenient that ruined the mood for me and then after that, it was kind of dull. The other characters become forgettable and the appearance of Nick Frost as the pawnshop owner was a comedic touch, however it wasn’t necessary to have her pawn anything if the money was right there in front of her.

Not enough of the Supernatural element involved when would have been a nice touch for a 2nd antagonist.


I understand that the budget may not have been there for the movie, but Tomb Raider felt like a TV movie or a web series which I think should have been the right route for it. There is a lot of room to show Lara Croft progress into a strong character. The movie kind of rushed it, but didn’t show off a proper transition. It is enjoyable so I definitely recommend it, but I am hoping they do more if they decide on a sequel.

Tomb Raider gets 3 paws out of 5, not a bad video game movie, but doesn’t get a great from me. Check it out in theaters March 16th and please let me know your thoughts when you do. – Beast Out


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