Transformers: Devastation Post E3 Preview


Humans, Cybertronains and beings all over the cosmos!Lend me your listening receptors to this new information of an upcoming Transformers title coming from Activision called Transformers: Devastation. Now luckily I have an inside man who let me borrow laserbeak to get this information so I can share with you the fans on this latest title that will give many old and new Transformer followers a reason to believe in the Matrix of Leadership again.


As a young child of the 80’s and seeing fighting robots with their own minds defending or destroying our planet was great television. I am not the biggest fan of the franchise, but I know my way around Cybertron enough to give you an idea on why you should be amazed by this latest announcement. For one this seems to be a brawler kind of game, but the biggest amazement is the art direction. To actually go back to the roots of the classic Auotobots and Decepticon drawings with a cel shaded video game graphics is the best idea since orange soda.


However this is just a preview and there is not much else information to go on, but hopefully we shall see more at E3 2015 this week coming up. What I expect though is to see a lot of generation one classics involved, because playing as a classic Ironhide would be the greatest thing in Transformers gaming. In that check back with us as we shall be covering each day for your enoyment. See you then gamers!

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