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There have been many Transformers games out there from the worse based on the movies to the not so bad which was based on Cybertron. However through all that it still wasn’t more than meets the eye. Transformers Devastation is the latest game in the series that seems to give more of a nostalgic look to our favorite robots in disguise with some new features, classic body work and a nice cartoon look. Teletron One activate the review!


The Earth is in danger once again as the Decepticons discover the power of Plasma energy to try and terraform our planet into a new Cybertron. It is up to the Autobots to stop the evil plans of Megatron and hopefully keep Earth the way it is. The story is not that complicated at all and the Decepti-creeps need to get a new hobby. You can’t go home, so you try to reforge a new home, but guess what we are using it! Optimus and the Autobots better get into gear.



I think this is the action of Transformers you were looking for. Throughout all of the Transformers titles Transformers: Devastation did the right thing in its fighting mechanics. You have two melee buttons for light and hard attacks. There is a ranged weapon option and of course two different power ups for your Autobot. Also the vehicle mode feature that you can also use your long ranged weaponry and switch into bot mode on the fly.

There is a technical element to the combat depending on the enemies you face. However I will keep things simple and just talk about the combo system. It varies from a slew of medium punches or a straight combo of hard attacks. The best thing is to switch them up of course, but pay attention to your screen when prompted to activate a brutal vehicle attack. I would like to demonstrate with my favorite bot Bumblebee vs. Megatron in the video below.

It is that intense and fast paced that will keep you glued to the screen at all times. In speaking of timing your dodge will be your best friend if executed right. If you pull off the perfect dodge at the right time you will be rewarded with a time slow down feature that gives you enough room to unleash your combos to end with a devastating attack. In that comes which Autobot you want to play as.


There are five different heroes to choose from with each having different abilities to utilize throughout the chapters. You have Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, WheelJack, Sideswipe and The King of the Dinobots Grimlock. Going into the character menus will have you fiddling with a lot of customization options with all the points you accumulated throughout your battles.

There is a TECH LAB to build augmentations to enhance your autobots, weapon synthesizer to enhance your current weaponry and of course options to buy moves, items as well as other equipment. This will be chore because of five different autobots and allocating their skills properly for your needs in each fight will take time. Please keep in mind that it is your choice in battle how it will suit you.


Oh my god the graphics in this game was the best choice, especially since these are the 80’s Transformers we know and love. The cell shaded appeal gives it an amazing cartoon shine and it makes sense to have such elaborate animations in the cut-scenes and combat. The voice acting alone brought a tear to my eyes with some of the best original voice work all around. This time we finally get the proper devastator to fight and I was more happy than I planned to be. I have not fought the true Devastator since the imported PS2 version.


The sound effects of the transformations through the bots footsteps was well done.

The Bad:

The gameplay in TF: Devastation can be a bit repetitive throughout the chapters at time where there is a lot of back tracking in NYC at times. I mean granted it makes sense having to collect everything, but for an illusion of an open world can get old quick.

The fact that you only have the choice of being the Autobots is a one sided fan service that can kill the mood of the game quick. As many gamers out there that like the Autobots, there are as much Decepticon fans as well.


Tough getting behind just five Autobots, because and this is a personal reference, but Ironhide. Jazz or any of the others would of been a great addition. Granted there is a lot to do with just five autobots already, but the variety would of been a better choice and enhance more of the replay value for this single player adventure.

Also this game screams a nice co-op feature with enough room for a multiplayer co-op story. We can do without the TDM and other vs. matches like the previous titles.

Roll out:

Transformers: Devastation is an amazing title that gives the fans of the series a true nostalgic adventure as well as a fun game for any other action adventure gamer. There are some loose tweaks that need fixing when in vehicle mode, but it can be easily dismissed with some practice. The game goes for $49.99 on all platforms, which can questionable for the Xbox 360 and PS3, but after you play a few hours, you will have fun. In that I give Devastation a 4.5 out of 5.


Gamers it is time to take on Megatron and end this menace. I hope you enjoyed this review. Stay frosty gamers!
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4 Responses to Transformers Devastation Review

  1. Barry Harden says:

    Too bad there’s no multiplayer.

    • Honestly not everything needs multiplayer. This is a strong game on its own and I definitely miss single player titles.

      • Barry Harden says:

        Problem with single player games is that there’s no replay value for most people who finish the game. It just ends.

        Multiplayer at least brings replay value for your money.

        • well that again remains to be scene since many games have a trophy system that brings in the replay value. In this case for Transformers there are a lot of trophies to force you play it again to beat the game with each transformer fully. Also many other points systems. for For 49.99 you will get what you paid for.

          Besides many games that don’t need it like Tomb Raider was horribly done. It felt like a slap on it. Uncharted had it too, but that was fun, however it really didn’t need it.

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