Upcoming Black Ops 3 Beta Looking Promising

Greetings gamers and welcome back to another update for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 gaming hitting our consoles as well as PC’s this fall. Why am I here you ask if the game is not coming out until November? Well my gaming friends, it is because the beta is going to be released next week on August 19th for PS4 Pre-ordered copies. Are you on the hype train yet? If not you should just grab my hand and get on board because I believe you have good reason to be a bit more hyped about this Blops 3 this time around.


After looking at the multiplayer video I am starting to believe that more FPS games are taking notes from the days of Unreal Tournament. I was thinking it would be fair to say that this adaptation of the movement mechanics could be taken from Mirror’s Edge, but that is not all true. Now this is where the hype train takes passengers, because FPS are beginning to be more fluid and adrenaline driven as they should be. Some may argue that it has always been adrenaline driven and I would agree if it wasn’t more of the anger that reminded me of many games. Black Ops 3 is taking us into a more fluid combat system as an enhanced soldier which makes a lot of sense and I hope other FPS take notes.


Yes you are correct that Titanfall technically was the beta for all these FPS games to give them a look on how a First Person Shooter should play as minus the mechs. I enjoyed Titanfall for what it was with his faced paced parkour combat system with the addition of mech warrior warfare. The problem was the popularity and the attention which, many gamers got bored fast. That was never the case with the Black Ops series being as the gun-play was great and the story mode was on point to keep my interest. I am the minority when it comes to Call of Duty game by playing the Story Mode first before getting into the multiplayer…deal with it!


The funny part through the years everyone kept making fun of COD series for just copying and pasting, but this will give you reasons to drop funds on a pre-order. What had sold was the fact that you can now shoot underwater and that is a great tactic to have since A. we in the future so combat should be more strategic by now B. Many weapons should be able to shoot in water anyway, but yet still not happening in any of the previous games outside of the story and C. Finally get to pull a kicka** Rambo moment with a Light Machine Gun. The developers also decided to make sprinting infinite and they damn well should since it is a video game. Video games mean fiction and should have that level of fiction to keep some of us interested. No breathing needed, except sniping…we have to keep some believability here people.

In the end I am going to enjoy the combat this time around, especially when now we are going to have to think quicker on our feet. Now all they need is a better CQC (Close Quarters Combat) system for interesting melee kills. As they say the risk is in the reward and I am looking forward to joining many of you in the Beta next week on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The name is Shadowkuma on PSN and if you add expect to be recorded in many battle videos that will be posted. Stay frosty gamers!


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