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Why in the hell can’t we obtain certain imported titles to become domestic? There have been so many amazing games that could have been something on US consoles, but thanks to contracts or whatever other corporate reasons we are not able to have them imported outside of going to a special store and translating the games ourselves to play. Now coming to the PlayStation Vita is an awesome looking beat’em up called Uppers. Let’s take a look.

Some info:

Set on “Last Resort,” an isolated island where the denizens are battle starved outlaws whose only form of entertainment and communication are full on bare knuckle fist fights, players will be be freely rioting the island looking for trouble; fights are dramatic to say the least, as enemies can be thrown across destructive and interactive environments. For instance, an enemy can be be launched into the air, land into a combo which sends them flying through walls to land on a fire hydrant which breaks and shoots them into the air. The entire idea is to have unabashed button mashing joy where the character you pick becomes your fist, your juggernaut avatar.

Well if you are not intimidated by translating then get your Vita’s ready this Spring 2016 for the release of Uppers. Hopefully check back for a review as well. Stay frosty gamers!

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Pre-order: play-asia.com

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