Video Games New York Brings Mighty No. 9 to Waku Waku Festival

There is nothing more fascinating than hanging out in Brooklyn to go to a Japanese festival filled with cosplayers, Japanese Culture, Live Performances, Food and of course video games. Kuma was asked to help set up and help run the games area of Waku Waku NYC where we had an abundance of titles from Super Famicom to the PlayStation 4. The theme was kept to the import titles like Bullet Girls and Neon Genesis Evangelion, but the highlight of the event was Mighty No. 9. The new title made by Mega Man’s creator Keiji Inafune who was there personally to talk about his game.


The demo that was playable had three stages with very impressive visuals and speedy gameplay. I will admit you did feel comfortable with the title because it resembled Mega Man respectively, but the addition of assimilating your enemies was a major game changer. Before I go into that, let’s take a quick look into the story where robots are going crazy and it is up to Beck our newest hero to correct their programming. Well at least he corrects the bosses programming while the minor enemies will be destroyed and absorbed.

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When facing against enemies your blaster works as any other blaster, but instead of completely destroying your opponent it causes a glitch in which you use your dash to consume that program. Each are color coded to give you a different power up. However we could not utilize said power up because it was not in that demo.

It was an impressive meet and greet where Mr. Inafune was very friendly and was comfortable with everyone approaching him for autographs or my personal favorite when he viewed a fans work. He gave him a lesson in proper business sense and even took his business card which was amazing. I like when experiences like that happen, when celebrities notice another fans work and appreciates it. I respect that.

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The only downside is Mighty No. 9 was scheduled for a September release, but has been pushed back to from what I saw is First Quarter 2016. However it will be an amazing edition to your platform collection and looking forward to the official release date, but in the meantime I will be on the demo perfecting my skills. For all your gaming needs check out Video Games New York site for the latest in all things game, especially import titles. Special Thanks to Waku Waku for an amazing experience and thanks to Keiji Inafune for visiting us. Stay frosty gamers!

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