We all Have our List of Lovers Don’t we? Waifu Dreams

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of this post having some mature content. Be advised that there will be some over 18 content and you have been warned. enjoy the post.

I wish that character was real so badly~

I say almost everyone who has ever read a manga or book or comic or seen a cartoon or anime heck even movies have at one point wished that, haven’t they? We would love our favorite character to be real, to hold them or comfort them or protect them from the plot they are conceived in. Though I will admit to having a whole harem in my head of who I want, I honestly don’t think I could handle even a fraction of what some main characters go through (physically or mentally) in order to keep or protect that love, but that won’t stop me from wishing for it and dreaming of them.

1204d933-7c66-44dd-a321-163b5f9c7619_zpsf5ff1d68In order to kind of keep them in order in my head I just separated them into a little ‘befriend, f*ck or marry’. Yeah a bit vulgar, but it is a pretty easy way to scatter/categorize them. Now the first of these lovely ladies I want to bring up are the ones I’d love to be friends with. These girls are born wing-women or have an amazing ability or skill that I would love for them to teach me. The first is the very lovely Fujiwara Kaoruko from the series Minamoto-kun Monogatari. Now what makes me want to befriend her is that her one goal is to pretty much help the guy become a better playboy, just because she can/wants to. She is an extremely beautiful woman who is also a non-tenured professor at the college main character attends, and also happens to be his aunt. The main character’s father arranges for him to live with his aunt (Fujiwara). When he arrives at her apartment, she shows him her breasts and tells him that he will be her “guinea pig” in her Hikari Genji study. Her study into it was to create a modern retelling of the story using people she knows to see how the story would unfold in front of her.


The next amazing girl is Nagihara Sora from the series Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora. A silly ecchi and harem type series that follows poor Shouta, an otaku who is obsessed with no.thing but manga (it reminded me of me so I gravitated to it lol). One day, he happens to wish for one of his favorite character, Nagihara Sora, to be by his side and so she does! Just like we all wish. Sadly the gentle and weak Sora has turned out to be a violent gou-dere (an unstoppable force that does as she pleases for her master, out of her love for her master). This development leads to him often being arrested for sexual assault or public nudity, not exactly things we want to happen to ourselves but it is still hilarious to see happen to him. She is deadset on getting him each and every girl she sees that is worthy of him. One great example of what she tends to try to do is when she ran around the dorm and stripped every girl of their clothes and underwear, then tied them up with a hose and had the main character “eject fluid” on them all using the hose.


If you could get away with even a fraction of what she does with him, you could die a very happy man.


Friends till the end aren’t the only things we look for in our choices though, there are also the characters we have one simple desire of, pure pleasure.

The first in my list of girls I’d love to f*ck is the entire female cast of Oretama, yes that is right I said the entire female cast. This means every girl ranging from the Queen of Terror to the loli like demon Elyse. The main character has the Queen of hell sealed in his balls and every girl in the series is trying to get him off in order to release her and end the world. Every demon in the series has a unique sexy skill set designed for maximum pleasure. This means EVERY girl in the series has an amazing way to get you off, how can you chose just one? So why not the whole cast? Though if I had to choose one girl over the others I might pick Fallen Angel Ariel whose power is a dark cupid arrow that makes every girl you get near want you.


Be careful as you travel.

Another girl I’d love for a fun time is the sexy beyond hell Carrera from the hentai titled Viper GTS. Carrera is a female demon whose job is to create a wish-granting contract with a human being in exchange for their soul. Along with her partners/rivals Mercedes and Rati, she carries out this job for the benefit of the demon world. Mercedes is pretty damn hot herself too, and having fun with both is an even better deal. The main character Ogawa is one lucky bastard to have fun with both at one point or another. What makes Carrera such a great choice is not only is she experienced, but her every action and her body as well all come together to bring about utmost pleasure. She even has the skill/ability to get you raring to go mere seconds after climax and can (as is her goal) get you keep going on and on till she f*ks you to death, but man what a way to go. She will literally be able to fuck the life out of you.



Though one can have a lot of fun with the above choices, sometimes a guy just wants to settle down and have a loving faithful partner. What I think makes the best waifu is undying loyalty, a girl who sticks through with you no matter what. It’s one of the best ways of showing your love after-all. One of the most faithful girls I’ve ever seen is the lovely and beautiful yandere Gasai YunoMirai Nikki. She is iconic as one of the craziest girls ever drawn and is well known for her love of the main character. This is a girl who not only killed the other diary holders and protected the MC with her life, but even when he sacrificed himself to allow her to win and become a god, she willingly sacrificed the 7+ billion people of Earth in order to get a chance (only a chance not even a sure thing) at being with her beloved once more. The MC did something similar afterwards too, but that right there is a love that you fight for.


I guess for some people that kind of love might be a little much, a bit too much pressure and obsession can be a turn off for some. Me personally I love it, but I also like the slow building love that will last forever as well. This is why my other lovely waifu is the perfect example of the yamato nadeshiko Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess. The series started in 1988 and the love between Belldandy and the MC completed only this year. She even went against God himself in order to say with her beloved. She is not only beautiful but smart, hardworking, caring, understanding and not to mention with her goddess luck and abilities she can provide anything and everything one could need or desire. She is also innocent and pure and this is reflected in the fact that the little wuss of a MC took several years to not only say he loved the girl but in the entire series they kissed only a handful of times… She is the type of girl you marry, the one to bring home to the parents and it’s almost impossible to actually not love her wholeheartedly once you get to know her. She might be from an older series, but she will always have a place in my heart.


You just can’t say no to that smile.


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  1. jaganar says:

    you are forgetting a few scenarious where the male runs away from the females *tenchi*/naruto*yes i am including N: the last on this list 😛
    honeslty its the following RYOKO ( tenchi ), the cat twins from TANK POLICE, MISA and harley , but thats cus im a selfish sod 😉 .

  2. peter her says:

    Waifuu wet dreams? what are wet dreams i never had one in my life.

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