What The Eff Gamers Company Edition: SquareEnix Disabled Streaming for “Left Alive” in Japan.

For all you streamers out there, this news is a real treat. Especially considering this game’s U.S. release was yesterday so only time will tell if SquareEnix plans to give U.S. streamers the same treatment. For those of you completely unaware of Square-Enix’s new steal espionage/action/ third person shooter title “Left Alive” that may actually be the intent here. 

Left Alive Under Suspicion?

It appears that Square-Enix is trying to sweep its new IP under the rug.  And what better way to do so than to disable streaming on all platforms! But why would a company want to do that? Avoid Japanese streamers leaking the full game and spoiling for the U.S. market? Nope! Try Japanese streamers showing off how terrible this game is! After Left Alive was met with a poor reception for the Japanese market, SquareEnix disabled streams of the game!

The fame artist behind the Metal Gear franchise Yoji Shinkawa producing the art for Left Alive, the similarities between the games is more than striking, to say the least. I get it, with the Kojima-Konami fallout and Kojima doing his own thing, there’s an open market for Metal Gear-esque (I know that’s not a word but let’s just roll with it) games or at least similar types.

Well, Left Alive ain’t it folks. Now I don’t want to judge this title until I play it myself, but what I can say is the Japanese reviewers weren’t feeling it at all. Due to the low review scores, in order to spare the Japanese reception of the game influencing the US market, Left Alive’s streaming option has been disabled directly on the PlayStation 4.

In this day and age of day one patches, updates, DLC, and season passes, companies have a ton of options at their finger tips to make a bad game become better over time. You could take the high road or just disable streamers from playing the game! Streamers, you know the people who play a game on youtube or twitch for their fans. The people who get paid or donations from doing it? Ya know for some people this is a side hustle/actual job in which they can successfully make their living? You see where I am going with this.

Keeping it Real!

If a consumer paid for their game, they should be able to stream it. That’s plain and simple as expected this decision to disable streaming did not make Japanese streamers too happy because many were hoping to catch the US audience during streaming. No matter if it’s good or bad, we here in the states must see what the fuss is about. Unfortunately, some Japanese streamers missed out on a chance to gain more fans overseas.

The reception was so bad that Left Alive’s price has dropped on Japanese PSN. Tbh this kind of thing worries me. Square-Enix is a triple A company, so there is a chance that other top companies will follow this business model. By sweeping under the rug via stream disabling if their game rolls out with poor reception in one country.  We see it all the time. One big company does one thing, then the market follows. Looks at how we went from Expansion Packs to DLC, to Season Passes. Either way, disabling streams because a game was met with poor reviews is defiantly a WTF move on Square-Enix’s part.




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