Whip comes to The King of Fighters 14

Hey guys! I know I know it’s been awhile. I came in hot with reviews for 2017 and much like the east coast I just froze up. But looks like things are about to heat back up again because I’ve got some hot KOF14 news for you! With EVO right around the corner, those of you aiming for the number one spot in the KOF14 bracket best not get too cozy because a character is being added to the mix!

Despite the winter storms taunting the east coast, things in the KOF side of the FGC are about to burn up because Whip makes her return on April 5th! Looking at her combo video she may be a force to be reckoned with, but this is SNK folks. Who knows what she could bring to the table? She could be God Tier broken exploitative banned from tourneys goodness or she could take a seat next to Chang and Choi in the low tier. Either way, she’ll definitely heat things up in! So make sure you’ve got that $4.99 this April when Whip hits PSN!

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