WTF Gamers Developers Edition: Rape Day

Looks like developers are really pushing it today guys. Here’s a WTF Gamers developers edition back to back courtesy of KumaZoku. However, this one is much more serious then disabling streams because a game is so bad. Have you ever heard of or played a game and just wondered why and how? How did an idea like this ever make it our of the idea room and on to the developer’s floor? And between programmers, modelers, concept artist, testers, studio assistants, producers, the whole development team, no one said “Hey this is an awful idea! This should stop!” 

Rape Day is just Stupid!

An idea so awful, so deprived, it will bankrupt a studio faster than “The Guy Game” did “Top Heavy Studios.” Well brace yourself gamers for the MAJOR I repeat MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING I am about to fill you in on. The video game “Rape Day” (yep guys that’s it I am not trolling if this triggers you please stop reading) will not be hitting Steam in April 2019.

The whole concept of “Rape Day” is like an episode of Law and Order SVU. I honestly feel like I am in an episode of SVU considering they have done GamerGate and videogame violence episodes. The only idea worse than this is Ian Watkins Simulator. Honestly, what the [email protected]&% were the minds behind this game thinking?! What were the entire development team thinking? To give you some insight on this edge lord abomination, a player can harass and kill people as well as rape women during a zombie apocalypse.

Honestly wtf? This is serial rapist simulator and the creators behind this wanted to post this to Steam. Valve has since released a statement about the disturbing game. While players could not buy this monstrosity, customers could still wish list it which is unfortunate enough for Valve. The developer Desk Plant is seeking alternative distribution methods. The last thing the gaming industry needs is for major news outlets such as CNN or Fox News to get a hold of this. We all know how the media loves to put a negative spin on video games and the consumers in general when these types of controversies hit the general public.

  I sincerely hope the developers at Desk Plant seeks out therapy.  I can already hear the “But it’s just a game!” people from a mile away. But it’s games like this that put gamers in a bad light. Growing up being an outcast, games were always a great outlet for me. And this is the same story for many of us geeks, nerds, dorks, otaku, weeaboo, etc. Whatever we are called, gaming has always been apart of our niche. So, games like “Rape Day” do us no favors. If major news outlets get a hold of it, then everyone gets slapped with the label. Especially male gamers.

Let’s face it, after the gamergate fiasco, all male gamers got slapped with the misogamist women hater label, despite many of them calling out the harassers of the victims. Because major outlets barely do their homework and do not separate certain people who engage in bad behavior from the group. Let’s not forget the early 00s with the whole “Grand Theft Auto makes kids violence! Videogames make kids violent! This is why they shouldn’t play them! GaMeS aRe BaD REEEEEE!” Don’t even review this title, don’t stream it, don’t watch people stream it etc. Just let it die in a fire where the idea should have gone in the first place.


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