WTF Gamers: EA and the Loot System

This is one of those issues that has a split feeling, but not with me gamers. I personally do not like the loot system, not because it is there, but because of the business ideals behind it. Before anyone goes into it yes I do consider it a form of gambling and it is a problem. For example Overwatch, you buy let’s say 100 crates, but only 20 are worth anything if you are lucky. They try to make it hurt less by giving you funds for any duplicates but doesn’t get rid of the pain. Here we have EA under the radar in the UK going about their loot crates which will be banned. I don’t think EA is taking the right approach by it though. 

You done messed up EA

Here is the funny thing EA, you don’t change the name of Loot Boxes to “Surprise Mechanics” and think you can get away with it. If the ingredients are still the same then it is what it is. Trying slick over here thinking people are boo boo the fool. 

To go back a little bit EA is the key company under fire after its whole Star Wars Battlefront issue. Disney stepped in stopping them from using this style of gambling because of the underage audience involved. It is ridiculous high prices for little reward. Matter fact when you think about it you are paying for nothing since it is virtual items that you can trade for or bargain with. Let’s not go there though because of WoW’s situation back in the day. 

Now, I like what Spawn Wave had to say on this particular service when it comes to sports titles and their “Surprise Mechanic”,

“EA thinks it makes the player happy in things like FIFA despite you have to redo this every time a new FIFA comes out. It is not an ongoing game as a service technically.”

That is a great point since none of the things you buy carries over. I was annoyed seeing this same loot system with Need for Speed: Payback. The difference is that this is not a sequel to anything so they can get away with it, but luckily enough I have not paid for any tokens to unlock more loot crates for vehicle parts which works like a slot machine. 

So Why is EA Under Fire?

It just came down to EA trying to make lawmakers look stupid with their wording. Just because you changed the title “Loot Boxes” to “Surprise Mechanics” doesn’t mean they do not work hand in hand. That in itself is insulting and downright embarrassing to think that it would fly. 

At the end of the day, we as gamers are fools, but some have an addicting personality that is classified as a disorder. We are competitive and want the best be it pay to win or vanities which sucks that many companies prey off of that hunger. It is like the post I did about a patent that Activision made regarding getting gamers to buy into that system. You give high ranking players great equipment that gives the illusion that it helps them play better so that low-rank players will buckle down and out right do whatever they can to obtain it. 

This is going back to old advertisements with Nike making kids believe they can play like a pro if they buy these sneakers or Axe body spray that gives you all the girls…ALL OF THEM, they will literally kill you while smelling you to death. 

After the whole Online Pass mess that EA started, you need to learn your lesson and cut the crap. I dig most of your games and that is just my two cents on the matter. – Beast Out – 

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