WTF Gamers Industry Edition: Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition Voices

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition hits the stores in just two days! And while all reviews today have been ecstatic posting about the beautiful HD graphics, the one thing they have all noticed is the in the changing voices in the added scenes. The new and old voice cast just flip flop through the scenes!  That’s right folks! Namco put lipstick on a pig and figured we wouldn’t notice the monks! And this little piggy is causing a bit of a negative uproar in the Tales Of Fandom. For me, this begs the question: Is voice over derp enough to make fans not buy a game?

Tales of Vesperia Worries!

 Now don’t get me wrong, I feel the jam Namco is in. Not to put down or be unfair to the new voice actors, but the old cast did an amazing job. Take Troy’s voicing of TOVs protag Yuri Lowell. It is one of his most memorable roles. So naturally, you wouldn’t want to completely dub over the hard work of the OG cast and upset fans of the game. But on the other hand, they could have dubbed over with the new actors for quality. Especially considering how many characters got hit with the new voice stick. How noticeable the voice changes are further enforcing this should have been the route to go.

Or they could have gotten the OG cast as they did with the Japanese voice overs in the game. In the industry these things happen sometimes, take how ATLUS did with Chie and Kanji for Persona 4 Golden Edition. But is it enough to tell fans not to buy the game?

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I get it, I’m a hardcore Tales Of fan so I get it. They have been on what I like to call the “franchise elevator” for the last view installments now. Where with each installment to the series, it either: is awesome and goes up a few floors. Is terribad and goes down a few floors. Or is it so lackluster the elevator gets stuck and you wonder why you just didn’t take the stairs?

Our natural instincts as gamers are to be harsher with franchises on the elevator because in our disgruntled fanboy eyes it’s easy not to end up on the damn thing and gripe about why the company didn’t just take the stairs. These drastic changes in voice-overs come off as lazy. But not buying the game because of this voice debacle does seem much. Kinda. It’s not like gamers are getting DLC Fatality or Augmented Pre Order Madness.

Instead, we should let out nerdy creative juices run wild with memes and have a good laugh. Get our Lolz on. Sometimes, I play games that I know are bad just to get the lolz. The more experiences we have with industry hiccups like this, we can learn to appreciate masterpieces more. Right? I guess what I’m saying here is we should lighten up a little.  If the graphics, gameplay, and story are solid, it should not denture us entirely for play. Rather we should get out a laugh on and see how noticeable the change is! If anything gamers can get it on sale or wait for the price to drop.

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