Wtf Gamers? The Division Update in Question

Whats up gamers and welcome to this “Wtf Gamers” post where we talk about things that kind of vex us a bit in our gaming world. You know, those certain things that should be fixed or should have been done by now or just simple discussions on what we expect. Now, Tom Clancy’s The Division has been out for quite and we have been getting some nice updates for free I might add which seems to make up for some problems that many of us that love the game have been having. The title is one of the problems that most of us have been talking about in the game in which we get annoying useless mods, crappy gear in the form of gloves after farming so much in the game. The thing that vexes us the most is that The Division is a great game that seems to run into some bad luck. In that let’s see what’s in store for us next week.

I am liking what I am seeing when it comes to the new gear and the second incursion to be developed. The Conflict update seems to clean up a lot of problems and don’t get us wrong when we say that we don’t want crappy drops. This is not saying that every drop is expected to be good, but for example, the Lincoln Tunnel challenge should at least gift us with something more rewarding than a pair of gloves or a mask lately. The farming portion is not the problem, but when things feel as if they are all glitched into giving you the same crap it drives concerns.


There is a level of excitement with some new things to deal with in the Dark Zone now that you can disrupt an extraction by cutting the rope as the ultimate middle finger to any PVP opponent. The Dark Zone has been one of a blessing and a curse keeping me interested as I level up with my teammates. However waiting for this update has made things stale. These gaps to see if the game will be better is no good and I hope this doesn’t become a thing. Also, I heard that the Light Machine Guns won’t be buffed because someone doesn’t see a number of users using them enough to buff them up. To hell with that noise, I am sick and tired of not finding an LMG that should be in the 30.1k ratio as in some SMGs or rifles. I can understand a shotgun, but you have guns like the Vector still pushing those numbers, but not an LMG.

It should not be a hard concept to do. You have to give us that much because we do grind a lot that grants us that reward to earn those powerful guns.

I will give the developers props for at least trying to remedy the situation, so I will stay true to the game and see what goodies will be brought to us next week. In that I am curious about how you feel about the updates lately or what do you want to improve with the game so far or in the future? Check back next week to see what we have to say about the latest update and if you want to get a game going as a squad to be in my weekly videos be sure to subscribe to the site and hit me up on my twitch channel. Have a stream with viewers night.

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  1. […] The Division Conflict 1.2 brings us a new challenge and more grinding options to tackle the new incursion which is challenging as all hell. I do suggest farming the high-value targets before taking on Columbus Circle and be sure to plan your attack before stepping foot in the raid. I am not giving up on this game, there are some needs for improvement, but so far with all these free updates I am still having fun as a multiplayer game. I am not going to sit and lie that I am not having fun because it is a fun title and I hope they continue to fix some of the problems and keep communicating with the fans. […]

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