X-Files: X Marks the Spot Review

FullDex is back!! I had some personal things to take care of. I will address that in a later posting- Writer’s Block!!! But guess what else is back?


X-files is back with a vengeance. Have you seen Fox, he looks more confused walk around like zombie he’s chasing! And Dana, she is crushing it, look at her Abs! Makes me want to get down and do some crunches!

My Struggle was up first and it seem like a fan written episode, Joel McHale plays a conspiracy talk show host who is a huge fan of the two’s work. He ropes them into some government cover-up. We see some new tension between Fox and Dana on old theme: Fox is still chasing ghosts- Dana wants to slow down. This tension seems to works itself out during the course of the series- I think they are going to kiss at the end of the series.

It moves to Founders Mutation which goes into some experiments that help propels Dana’s questioning her adoption of their baby. Moving! They should submit this episode for an Emmy.

Next up is Mulder and Scully meet the Were-Monster- and comedy ensues! So funny, it needs no description. The story telling was classic with different points of view and non-stop comedy- Took me back to all of their monster of the week episodes that were pure comedy classics. And Fox in a drunken stupor at a grave yard contemplating his life. Crazy,

Then comes “Home Again”, it felt like 2 stories in one. Monster of the week, paired with Scully final encounter with her mother. Hand her the Emmy please!!! The endearment Fox has toward Dana was classic.


I’m looking forward to the final 2 episode; I will be back for that! There are talks to do more mini seasons of the X-Files. Chris Carter has a script that he will present to 20th Century Fox for a feature movie. Our love affair with the X-File is renewed, just got to get my Ab game together! Keep moving Forward.

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