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Oh, buddy, I am super excited about this new event coming up hosted by Xbox One Community and shall be shout cast by Hardcore League themselves. Why is Kuma so excited about this event? Well if you sit tight and have some patience you silly, I will tell you. It is all about Melee and in Battlefield 1 which is set in World War 1 the melee weapons are one of the best features in the game, well at least to me anyway. VulpixVixenKelz is bringing and interesting fight, a rumble on the battlefield where you go savage on each other, but there is a twist.

Let’s give you the run down!

Server Name: XB1C EVENT

-Search & Tag-



  • First person to tag both wins = £20 $20 €20
  • 2nd person to tag them both wins = £10 $10 €10
  • Anyone who tags either one will win a pair of controller thumb grips.

These prizes and all things to come sponsored by the lovely people at Gamers Community where you can get your fix of all things gaming topics and meet people to squad up to dominate the masses!

The Maps:

  • Sanai desert (Warm Up)
  • Amiens
  • Argonne forest
  • Ballroom blitz

Apparently, there will be a twist included, but after beating a few soldiers to find out this Intel, I came up with nothing. No worries I am sure there will be more details on said information during the week. What one soldier did disclose and you might want to write this down because it is where you will need to go in order to participate.

The event will begin on April 28th, 2017 at 9 pm GMT – till late in the night, so you might want to take a nap, get some good food in your system before things kick off. If you are on Facebook check out this link to stay up to date. If it was not clear already this will be an Xbox One event. I shall attempt to be there and you bet your sweet dog tag that I will be coming with my A game baby! – Beast Out

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