Xbox One S Disc-less System

Thinking about this for years since the Nvidia Shield was released being a disc-less game console. It seems Microsoft is following in with the Xbox One S being the first Xbox System to be completely digital. I for one am on board since I have been exclusive to digital only purchases for at least 4 years now. Let us get more into the digital details. 

All Digital Xbox One S?

Details on this new console came from The Verge today in which we get to know that Microsoft is deeming this console, “The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.” This will have a 1 tb hard drive packed with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 3. Not sure if that is a finalized version since Forza Horizon 4 came out last year and should be added to that bundle. Hell, why not Crackdown 3? 

Apparently, since there will be no eject button or a disc slot this will cut the cost for the Xbox One S All Digital System. That is already pleasing to the ears. I know many love having the option of a Blu-Ray player as well, but many of us have a streaming service with all the fixings right now. 

Keep in mind this is just a leak whereas Microsoft has not made this public as of yet. However, I am only mentioning this because all things going digital from comic books, music, and movies. It was bound to happen to gaming especially when Steam came to light. We are expecting a release of the Xbox One S all Digital Edition in May of this year. I want to hear your thoughts on this idea. Do you prefer physical vs the digital? If this catches on will other companies dive in as well? 

We are already aware of Microsoft working on their XCloud streaming service to go anywhere even on mobile devices. Are we ready to go all digital? – Beast Out – 




Main Source| Windows Central

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