Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review

A man just wants to live his life with his own morals not needing a title or to be a hero. Just wants to do the best that they can on their own path that is right to them. Kazuma Kiryu is in no means a hero, but he is a man with good morals and has a heart behind that tough exterior. Now after saving the young Haruka Sawamura from the Ten Billion Yen incident, he is now tasked with a new venture of peace. However, it might be a death sentence if not careful.

This is a huge game so please enjoy our video review, to sum up the Kiwami 2 experience.

The Good:

If you are looking for a game with a rich storyline and intense combat then you have come to the right place or late to the game. In Kiwami 2 expect to not just deal with a story having you settle a war between both Tojo and Omi, but adventure out with Kiryu to see the sights and get to know the people. You will enjoy many difference cuisines and fancy some in gameplay time with golf courses, Club Sega, Mahjong and Pool Halls. As stated there are games within a game and you can gain more experience as well as special items from each accomplishment.

The combat itself is quite enjoyable and takes you to the extreme of feeling like a superhero as you plow through thugs, delinquents and yakuza rivals. Pay attention to your skill tree to enhance Kiryu further so you do not get kicked around so easily when wandering around the streets. This is important as you will run into random enemies as in any RPG. When you do eat that gains you points and you can drop in different slots to unlock more heat moves and of course unlock life scenarios, especially in the Cabret.

Customizing is a no-show, but you will be able to have gear customization and weapon slot customization. Quick slots for the dpad with different weapons to use up to three at least, but they are limited so be careful as they will break. However, this is street fighting so get clever and fight dirty by using the environments around you with bikes, chairs, and stands.

Everything visually makes anyone want to visit Japan for the sites and the people in the game are all hilarious with the random conversations that happen to give you a real life experience and I get curious looking at the talk bubbles that pop up. There will be situations where a citizen will flag you down for assistance or ask you to help in a job so that keeps everything fluid and unpredictable. In that, there is a lot of replay value to enjoy.

The Bad:

The downfall with games of this nature is the repetitive gameplay at times in submission areas when walking around the city. You will run into a pattern of enemies that will randomly pop up while walking around or if they come running out of a store. The activity of random citizens in danger, but that can be counterattacked with game areas to enjoy or give you the downtime.

Also, it is not that open world as they claimed, but it is okay there is enough going around for you to explore even if it makes you look around at areas that you can’t go to an want to visit.


Yakuza Kiwami 2 has not failed in delivering not just a remastered game for those that never played the first version of part 2 but giving us extra content to really sell its version making its own. The extra content and characters all brighten the mood and enhanced the story you experience. The fighting is the best part of the game for me because you can really fight like a street fighter because it is not fun playing fair. I mean I am surrounded half the time by enemies so I will be throwing everything and anything at enemies. The photo mode is an enjoyable feature and with the PS4 you can upload to social media to share the sites and fights you have encountered.

In the end, I give Yakuza Kiwami 2 4.5 paws out of 5. Be sure to pre-order your copy right now on Play-Asia.com where it helps us out in the long run and check out my streams to see live gameplay if you are still not convinced. – Beast Out

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