Yoshi’s Woolly World Review

Anybody remember Yoshi Story? You know the game where Yoshi threw egg, licked, and ground pounded his way to victory? Well if ya do then get ready for some serious yarn covered nostalgia! Yoshi’s Woolly World is Yoshi’s time to shine on Nintendo Wii U and boy does he shine real bright.



If you’re looking for some deep intricate story, then don’t look here folks because Nintendo keeps it very linear so I guess you could say these next few sentences are spoilers. Our story begins on Yarn Island with the Yoshi’s chillin. All is well on Woolly Island until Kamek Koopa comes along. Apparently Ol Kamek has never heard of Jo Ann fabrics because he turns the Yoshi’s into yarn despite being on an island made of the stuff.

For what reason he does this is not disclose however a few of the Yoshi’s are quick to hide. When Kamek tries to leave the Yoshis that hid are quick to try and stop him, causing him to drop various yarn into the surrounding world. And thus Yoshi’s adventure to save his friends and retrieve the yarns begins!



Again remember Yoshi Story? Well if you do then you’re in luck! Because the player can hop right into the game like I did. Yoshi’s Woolly World can best be described as Yoshi Story and then some. Everything that was once regular is yarn textured and eggs has been replaced with Woolie. However it’s not just Yoshi running from point A to B WW adds a lot to the game to make it not so linear.

For one the soundtrack got an upgrade, it’s not the same melody remixed for different levels. There are Worlds, which feature levels to play in and two bosses for each. One being a sub boss and then the big boss that allows the player to advance to the next world. In each level there are 5 yarns and 5 daisies and an array of stamps per level. Collecting all of the yarns unlocks a Yoshi, and the daisy’s if all collected in each world, will unlock the challenge level. But the good thing about WW is that both the yarns and daisies are hidden or take some obstacle for the Yoshi to get too. It requires some thought and effort to find so that provides an element of challenge.


And for everyone’s inner rage quitter the player can freely switch from “Mellow Mode” to regular at the pause menu. Mellow Mode gives the Yoshi wings to freely breeze through the level when flutter jumping isn’t cutting it. And if that’s not easy enough there are an assortment of badges that can make the game easier, or more fun. My personal favorite being “Play with Poochy”. These Badges will cost you, but there is a ton of gems for the player to collect to splurge on. Not to mention the bonus levels where the player can earn more gems.

As for the negatives there is no game over, your Yoshi just keeps coming back from the last checkpoint. The player is not really pressured to keep themselves alive because they’re on their second to last Yoshi near the beginning of the level. So the game can be seen as not as challenging to some audiences.



Since I am a sucker for adorable things this game has completely won me over however being a responsible gamer I have to be fair with my score. The lack of challenge could be seen as an issue for some and for that reason I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5. I highly suggest you pick it up.

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